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    Hello, can someone tell me what happened to comments thread lately? comment was post this day, but that comment posted above the older comments, its random, older-newer-older-newer . I know i didn’t use setting comment on it, i still use the basic, which the newer comment show to the bottom on every post. This is only happen on post, not on pages.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve been having this problem, too. Can’t figure it out.



    same problem here too, and even on other pages. I like to use the reply-button to answer the comments, has this something to do with the order problem?


    We need links to actual posts where this is happening.



    primary written in Bahasa, but you would see the order problem on it, 5 comments at the bottom of that posts. Its written on 11 May, 22 May, 23 May. My blog depends on comments, i hope WP can figure it out. Thanks anyway :)



    OK, it isn’t really a problem and is working correctly. You have comment “threading” active, which means that people can make a general comment on the entire thread (top level comment), or they can reply directly to other comments that have already been made.

    Example: Go to comment 59 and it is dated May 1. The comment right below it is a reply to that particular comment and it is dated May 22. If you will notice, the reply comment is slightly indented and also has no number associated with it.

    The same with #63

    Original comment May 2
    First reply to it on May 2 – indented
    Second reply to it on May 3 – indented

    With the theme you are using, the numbered comments are original top-level comments on the post and those are in order by date. Replies to those top level comments are indented below them.


    OK I’m seeing what you are seeing now. According to what staff said, with comment threading, if you have it set to say 5 levels, and someone tries to reply to a fifth level comment, then that reply will end up at the bottom of the comments because you have it set for 5 levels, and wordpress can only go 5 levels deep.

    You can go to settings > discussion and increase the number of levels and those comments should then move back up below the reply they were replying to.



    Ah, thanks a lot for your help thesacredpath! :)


    You’re welcome.



    AHA!! ya.. it is set on 5 level depth, thanks… now i see thats..:) Thanks a lot for your help Thesacredpath. Thanks WP. Love you guys!


    You are very welcome.

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