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Comments posted by me do not appear on my blog

  1. I have a new blog, onto which some people have posted comments. I have been replying with comments of my own. This has been working fine.

    Now the most recent comments that I am posting do not appear. Comments by other people have appeared today, but I am not sure whether that was before or after my comments stopped working.

    I do not have moderation turned on, and my posts are checked to allow comments.

    I have tried posting using both Firefox and Explorer, and neither works.

    The comments are not appearing either on the dashboard or on the site.

    I have posted a test post (which appeared okay) then tried to post a comment on it (which did not appear), so I can post posts, just not comments.

    Any suggestions?

  2. I don't see any comments on your blog so I gather that's not the one we're supposed to be looking at.

  3. No, it is

  4. Have you checked the Akismet queue? Dashboard -> Comments -> Akismet? I just left a comment on the blog without issue. When you click on submit, what specifically occurs?

  5. I'll check that now and get back to you. Thanks.

  6. Yes, that's it. They are all there, listed as askimet spam. Thanks again.

    What criteria does askimet use?

    For example, it has captured the following comment by me -

    Una, Paige, Uncle Junior - thanks for the comments. I’m not sure exactly how the blog will evolve, but I hope it will find its own shape over time. At least, living in Ireland, there will never be any shortage of material! Thanks again, Michael.

  7. Staff will not reveal what criteria is used as then it would be easy for teh spammers to bypass.

    If you point at some of the specific comments that got nabbed, we may be able to offer suggestions.

    Be sure to mark the comments as "Not spam." This was Akismet learns from it's mistake.

  8. Okay, that's a reasonable policy.

    It was technically five comments, but it was actually the above one posted three times and another one posted twice (I was trying again in case it was a temporary glitch).

    The only thing I can think of is that I had previously been posting comments as 'Michael Nugent (That's Ireland)' and the first one that got caught I had posted it just as 'Michael Nugent'.

    If the askimet software learns as time goes on, I'm sure that will resolve itself.

  9. I've just posted three different comments on three different people's blogs, but none of them are in the "my comments" page on my dashboard. How can I fix this? Does it only show up when someone responds?

  10. Are those other blog's hosted here at

    If not, then they're outside of that list and won't show.

    If yes, give it time. That list is cached and will show later, you have too many comments already (It'll only display ten I believe within each list), or the other blogs are set for moderation and they have to be approved first.

  11. Thanks.

  12. Not a problem. :)

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