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  1. Is there any way to enable a "Preview" feature for comments on a blog? (If not, why not? And when can we see this feature?)
    A live comment preview would be nice, but let me not get too ambitious...
    Sorry if this has been answered before. I couldn't find it in the FAQ or forums, and searching on the web could only find me stuff for WordPress blogs elesewhere, not blogs.

  2. This isn't really a question as much as it is a feature request for the ideas forum. Not to worry our Moderator drmike will take care of moving it. ;)

  3. it's better if we have an edit feature for comments. i always don't see the typos or something else i forgot to add until after pressing submit. i don't think this feature would be hard to implement as we have such a thing in the forums here itself.

    i've previously sent feedback but no reply.

  4. @timethief: I'm sorry for posting in the wrong forum -- I just assumed that since this is a feature that obviously should be there, there would be a way to do this and I was just being unable to find it.
    Blogger has it :-(

  5. @shreevatsa
    Not to worry as I said above drmike will take care of it. ;)

  6. I'm a little late coming to this thread, but I too would like to see a comment preview or the ability to edit comments for some period after posting. In my case, I'm talking about the Cutline theme, though it would of course be nice if it were in all the themes. (Guess I should send a feedback about it.)

  7. if this feature were implemented, it would be available for all themes and not just one. there are other threads about this issue and some people are quite against this idea for valid reasons. if you want to know why, try searching the forum.

  8. I'm not aware of any themes that provide comment previews. When I'm going to leave a lengthy comment I write it off-line in a word processing program and then copy paste it into a comment box. Likewise, when I want to listen to music as reading blogs, I listen to my own choices and do not usually play the music I find on blogs I'm reading.

    It seems to me we bloggers have turned a corner where we expect every tool and feature we already have on our own computers, just a click or two a way, or in our workplace and home blogging environments to be embedded into blogs.

    You could say it doesn't sit well with me that we seem to be unwilling or unable to understand or appreciate the difference between what's required and what's desired.

    Every day I witness bloggers expressing frustration and even rudeness over not having this or that "doodad" yet, when I visit their blogs I see very little original content. In fact, in many cases I see content comprised primarily or exclusively of embedded "doodads" duplicating what we already have in our home and workplace blogging environments.

    So I'm here to say respectfully that I do support this "more features movement" simply because I don't consider most of what's desired to be a necessary part of a blog. For the most part they are duplications of what we already have.

  9. Were you blowing us a kiss, sulz?

  10. sulz -- Before posting I searched under "preview," "comment preview," "preview screen," "preview comments," "edit" and "comment" as separate terms, and "preview pane," and I didn't see any objections. Any hints on what the objections are, or at least what phrase I should enter in my search? (I do know of some reasons not to allow editing after some brief period after posting, but I can't think of any reasons to object to a preview screen. :-/)

    Also, I sent a feedback, and heard back that this is something that first needs to be asked of the theme developer. So in some sense it sounds like it's a theme dependent thing, no?

    TT -- The reason I requested it is because a commenter on my blog, who maintains a Typepad blog, expressed some surprise that I didn't have a preview screen. I just don't want to lose any commenters because they think the blog is inconvenient in some way.

    I know some blogs do have preview screens. See realclimate:

    It's pretty common otherwise as well, I'd say. Not a big deal, but of more practical use than the "Snap" preview IMO. :)

    Also, I would think that really *nothing* more is *required* in the way of features. But obviously more features will be added over time. Perhaps this is one which would make sense to add since it's fairly common in the blogosphere.


    took me long enough to find it too! wasn't properly tagged. the ppl didn't agree on the editing after posting part, there wasn't anything if at all about previewing.

    i didn't know this is theme-dependent, i'd thought it would depend on the wp system.

    timethief: i wasn't blowing kisses. i was opening, then shutting my mouth. like a goldfish!

  12. sulz -- Thanks. Yeah, there are legitimate objections to an editing feature for commenters. What a lot of discussion boards do, though, is to limit it to, say, 15 minutes after posting. Then, if everyone there knows of the feature, they can act accordingly. For instance, if you're responding to someone you think would be particularly sneaky and would go back and edit in a way that invalidates your reply (or whatever), you can be sure to quote that person's comment in yours where they can't edit.

    All that said, I don't know if I've ever seen that feature on a blog. But I've seen preview screens many times, and they accomplish some of the same thing.

    [Edit] :) Apparently it's something that would first involve the theme writer, and then *might* involve the WP folks as well, depending on how it interacts with their side of things.

  13. I would like to know how to change the font size of the comments...Hope someone will reply soon...

  14. We've talked about it many times. You can do it with the CSS upgrade and adjust the font size for the div surrounding the comments.

    hope this helps,

  15. @growthmadness
    Perhaps the bottom line is this. There is no theme to consistency when it comes to blog themes. A coding change to any given theme to accomodate comment previews and/or editing timeframes would affect all blogs with that theme. Doing so on one theme would be likely to give rise to protests from some of those using the theme. It would also be likely to give rise to other bloggers with different themes demanding the same coding or begging not to get the same treatment on their themes.
    The whole thing is problematic. IMO it's not likely to happen and that's okay with me because I no longer support either "comment previews" or "editing timeframes for comments".
    The solution is to use the word processing programs are computers are equipped with and then to copy and paste into the comment boxes.

    Your post is not about the topic in this thread. Your suggestion that you be answered soon borders on cheeky, as we are all unpaid volunteers here. However, {said she with a patient smile} the answer to your question is that as we cannot edit our templates at you cannot change the font size on your comment boxes, unless you purchase an upgrade an undertake css customization.

  16. Your post is not on the topic in this thread.

    And Timethief, you're not a moderator. Please let me handle stuff like that.

  17. Noted and BTW I didn't see that you had answered above me.

  18. TT -- How is a request to a theme developer for this feature different from any request for any feature? Themes evolve, with upgrades adding new features. Theme developers like to hear from users about what features they'd like.

  19. Ask away. Cutline and Pressrow are new themes and at least one if not both of them have been upgraded by Chris and coded for wordpress MU. However, most themes available to us at were re-coded to run on wordpress MU some time ago now ( blogs run on different software) and I don't see much movement towards updating them taking place in the 9 months I've been here.
    I could be wrong but what I think what I see instead is a strong movement towards directing users towards css customization upgrades.

  20. I would assume some themes' developers are still upgrading them and others not. I would have thought those being upgraded would have those upgrades appear here. I could be wrong, but without that happening at all, then over time we would all end up with antiquated themes. Ya know?

    I don't think CSS customization can add a preview screen. Again, though, it's not a big thing, just a common blog feature that might be nice to have. As I mentioned, there's really *no* additional feature I or others absolutely need. But you can bet that three years from now you'll see additional features on the blogs here. :)

  21. Did we see any movement on an edit button on the comments? I was recently on a blog that had a 5 minute window for you to go back and edit your own comment on the blog post. Is this available here?

  22. Afraid not. Best bet would be to suggest this feature via feedback along with the reason why you think it;s a good idea. Staff has stated that they keep track on requests made via that manner.

  23. Among the science geeks, "preview" is necessary because they use $latex \LaTeX$ in their comments. The current implementation is creaky and regularly screws up. In addition, LaTex is a programming language and it is unnatural to require people to write code right the first time, every time. For example:

    latex \left(\begin{array}{cc}0.5&+0.5\\-0.5&0.5\end{array}\right)^2 =\left(\begin{array}{cc}0.5&+0.5\\-0.5&0.5\end{array}\right)

    is the code for $latex \left(\begin{array}{cc}0.5&+0.5\\-0.5&0.5\end{array}\right)^2 =\left(\begin{array}{cc}0.5&+0.5\\-0.5&0.5\end{array}\right) $

    Even that simple example requires over 100 keystrokes, cannot be previewed in the little box I'm typing in, and any keystroke change will ruin the meaning. This is more important than just a spell checker. It really is needed.

    For example, right now I have no idea if the LaTeX I just typed is going to show up in this forum or not. I have no idea if it has typos. I typed it up on faith. [edit] I see LaTeX isn't supported here.[/edit]

  24. There's a plugin that allows you to edit comments for a set period after they're posted, but they're not available here.

  25. Carl, you see teh post right above yours, right?

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