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    I’m afraid this is the second time I’m raising this problem: I’ve deployed the ‘Add Your Comments’ widget and it duly appears on the right hand sidebar, but if you try and click on it, nothing happens.

    I was told the way to make a comment was to click on the ‘No comment’ message which appears at the end of my blog, which indeed opens a comment box, but this is surely counter-intuitive, i.e. it says ‘NO COMMENT’ !!!

    So can anyone tell me how to make the ‘Add Your Comment’ heading work as it reads, and/or change the ‘No comment’ message to something like ‘Add your comment’, either of which would seem to make much more sense?

    Your in deep frustration – MW

    The blog I need help with is



    Please do not repeatedly post the same question, as you seem to have a habit of doing:

    It just clutters up the forum and wastes the volunteer’s time. If you’ve something to add to an existing thread, add it to that thread.



    Thanks for the scolding. Does wonders for one’s self-esteem. Not everyone is as technically savvy as you, though.

    And if I could solve the problem, I wouldn’t have asked the question again. I’ll try WordPress themselves instead.

    Regards – Mark



    Raincoaster needs to seriously be banned from this forum. Somewhere along the lin daddy didnt teach him any manners eh.



    Good luck with that. By the way, you’re in the wrong forum.

    And markswill’s questions have already been answered in the old threads he didn’t go back and read. That’s why I scolded.



    Oh for heaven’s sake, markswill. Stating a forum rule and saying please is hardly a scolding.


    @markswill: raincoaster didn’t tell you not to ask again, she told you to do it in the thread you had already started on the subject.

    Perhaps you need to realize that the forum isn’t a phone answering service, you’re not a paying customer, and we’re not paid employees at your service.

    Now, to hopefully put an end to this:

    1. You said you added the ‘Add Your Comments’ widget. There’s no such thing – you’ve just mistitled the Recent Comments widget, which is for displaying what its real title says.

    2. Re the comments tab: you can write a relevant note to your visitors in a text widget or at the end of each post. Or you can switch to another theme; there are many themes that say just “comments” or “0 comments” or “Leave a comment” instead of “No comments”.

    (PS raincoaster is one of the most experienced members here; banning raincoaster from this forum is the joke of the month.)

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