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Comments requiring a login to WP

  1. chipchiphooray

    Can anyone tell me if there's a way to turn off the requirement to have a wordpress login in order to comment? I have noticed the comments on my blog go WAY down and many of my readers have told me the site will not let them comment unless they have a wordpress login. In the past, they have just used the name/URL option--why is this no longer possible? Any help will be SO appreciated. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the same problem with you, I will also listen to other than the master wordpress ...

  3. This one I know! In your dashboard, go to Settings, then Discussion. Other Comment Settings: Users must be registered and logged in to comment. Uncheck this box.

  4. chipchiphooray

    Hi broomecountyarts,

    I actually don't have that box checked--I never have. The problem didn't occur until recently, in the past few weeks. It worked as it should before that.

  5. @chipchiphooray, have a look at this:

    and, particularly, click on the links given in the comments in that thread.

  6. chipchiphooray

    That was actually supremely helpful. I'm a bit disappointed, though--so, they're fully aware of this new setup? And their solution is, "Well, get a Gravatar account"?

    I wish there were some way I could contact WP about this directly; having to use the forums for issues like this is intensely frustrating.

  7. You're not alone in wanting to contact them directly, but it won't make any difference. They made this change (supposedly) to help with security issues. It's very unlikely they'll go back on it.

    The only other alternative really is to move to a different free bloghost though the others all have their own problems with commenting, or to move to self-hosting your blog which would give you other advantages, too.

  8. PS. Something else you can do, is to put a contact form on a page in your blog and a note referring to it in your sidebar saying that if anyone has any problems commenting to contact you directly via that. Then you'll receive their comments direct to your email and also will see them on your 'feedbacks' page on your dashboard.

    (It's better to use a contact form rather than a direct email address, by the way, as it lessens the amount of spam you're likely to get).

    You can also put the contact form below any post or in any page.

  9. chipchiphooray

    You're awesome--thank you for all these ideas. I really do appreciate it.

  10. You're welcome.

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