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Comments scrambled

  1. The comments awaiting for moderation are all scrambled up. It just happened these couple of days. Anyone has the same problem? Advice?

  2. What exactly do you mean by 'scrambled'? Illegible? Out of order? or....?

  3. I mean the letters are English but they don't make sense. e.g. like this:

    miltonian disposition interfuse barbaresque branglement carbolize
    monogenetica intersalute

  4. the comments are in chronological order. like for example, the first cooment on the top is the most recent. and, people might just be not thinking and forget grammar.

  5. Sounds like their spam comments. Delete them.

  6. Those are definitely spam comments. We've been inundated with spam of this sort lately.

  7. Ok, thanks everyone. I've deleted them all.

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