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Comments seem to close after ine day

  1. I'm having problems with posters being unable to post comments to a post if it is over 24 hours old. I have set Comments to close after a post is 14 days old. But over the past few days people have complained they can only reply to an existing comment and cannot post a new comment to a post I'd the post is 24 hours old.

    Please help, as I don't want to discourage commentors!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oops, title should read "one" not "ine"......dyslexia is a dreadful thing and I apologise.

  3. Will you please post an active link starting with http:// for the blog in question?

  4. Will you also post the URLs for the post or pages that you have detected this issue on?

  5. Okay I have visited every one of those 3 posts and at the end of the comments I see a "Reply" link (it's very subtle and easily overlooked). When I click "Reply" a comment box opens. When Staff reactivate the support form again at 8AM UTC on Monday 20th June I would report this.

  6. The staff are off this weekend, so all I can suggest is to bring it to their attention on Monday and in the meantime, DE-select "close comments after X days" entirely. Remember to save the changes and double-check if the comments box comes back.

  7. Oops! Here's the link for Staff >

  8. What raincoaster is referring to is found on this page > Settings > Discussion

    Other comment settings
    Automatically close comments on articles older than __ days

  9. Yes, what you are seeing is the "reply to an existing comment" facility. If a poster wants to make a new comment and not reply to an existing comment, for, example, if they want to make a different point, they can't.

    I've also noticed that the "add a comment" link no longer appears under the tags and categories section of the post under the header, indicating comments are closed, when they should be open for another 13 days.

  10. Yes, I do know about setting the time limit for comments.As I've indicated, they are set to close after a post has been in existence for 14 days;)

  11. I just visited the first of the three posts you linked to and posted a test comment. Visitors expect to see a reply box right blow the other comments, but Tarski displays the reply box below the sidebar, and you've got an inordinately long sidebar. You should either reduce the number of sidebar items (drastically!) or switch to a different theme.

  12. Yes, I noticed the same things and that's why I suggested reporting this to Staff on Monday when they reactivate the support link. Thankfully, visitors can click the "reply" button that does appear in the interim although it's obviously for posting threaded comments. It would be terrible if there was none appearing at all. I'm thinking you may want to publish a brief post on this or even place a notice at the top of your sidebar in a text widget until you can reach Staff and they fix it.

  13. As for the "add a comment" link, it only shows up when there are no comments, otherwise it's replaced by "N comments". Aren't you seeing that?
    When comments are closed, you get a "Comments closed" notice in its place, not nothing.

  14. Reply to you both:

    Ah! It seems that the layout of the theme has been changed, possibly when the new comment buttons have been added . In Tarski the comment field always used to appear immediately below the post and now is positioned, as you say , a long way down the page level with the side bar. This is a change I'm not appreciating, nor are my visitors. I really do not intend to alter the sidebar as it generates much interest.

    But it still does not explain why the" Add a comment" link disappears from beneath the header after 24 hours. If that were still there, the problem would be half solved at least!

    I'll contact WP on Monday regarding both these points. Thank you both for your help.

  15. What a bizarre positioning that is. You're welcome from me and best wishes.

  16. Good point: the culprit must be the stupid new buttons.

  17. That is really bizarre.

  18. Isn't it? The buttons look good, but......

    Ah well.....I've posted to warn my poor visitors and I'll take it up with WP Support on Monday.

    Thank you for all the brain storming!

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