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Comments: "spam" --"referals" --issues

  1. Hiya
    When wi-fi "provider" moron finally let me get on-line: found more Comments today --NINE --in "Spam" file --none are spam. That's a LOT of comment --for a site that writes essays --longish ones --on people, topics, issues past the time they were hot. --Way not the 'cutting-edge' blogger here.

    1. file: why are Comments going into SPAM file?
    Past several weeks: I've seen that people don't write links, ad junk any more --they have website link
    in name --or under name. It's easy to spot spammers --from Commenters who do the same
    --but Akismet can't tell the difference?
    NOBODY lands in "Comment" file any more, why not?

    2. Referrals: past several weeks --referral sites are Really peculiar
    --they all seem like scraper sites, but the people FROM those click on serious posts, read, comment.
    So what's up with these weird commercial referrals?

    3. Commenter: she wants me to "please make site available in RSS --enable in Opera"
    Huh??? I'm BARELY tech literate --THINK the RSS logo & link are on my wedge of WP
    --to Sign up for any Reader of choice --but I don't KNOW, clueless how to DO what she's asking.
    Browser: it makes a difference to getting a READER???
    Can't one just use any browser --for any Reader wanted???
    What do I reply to her?
    --Please: speak slowly -list ALL the "little" steps you THINK everyone knows --I DON'T.
    (If it matters: I clicked on my Opera browser, downloaded a new version --but I Dunno: How
    to sign up for ANY Reader --change my site to enable her to do it....)

    4. Any clues: why suddenly so many Comments?
    After all the years I've been on WP why getting Comments --daily? What --I'm "hot" now???
    One of my blogs (non-WP) is FOR --READ by community stakeholders: four years old
    and Total ONE Comment.
    My most popular WP post: gets clicked daily --chosen for its Keywords --returned, usually, on
    1st page of SE results --has PageRank 4(!) --BUT it's a list of facts, details --on VOTING!
    It's two YEARS old! Believe it: I Ain't "hot" lol.
    Why the change: people are changing? --Growing up? --Some tech thing changed? Other?
    WP: has changed something they do --for posting? --IF THAT'S true: How come, I just found out,
    about 70% of my posts No Longer exist in Google --cache, anywhere --completely disappeared?

    I think it's supposed to be bad form to list one's site url in Forum, so if it IS necessary for help: please say so
    and I will post the link.

    Thanks for any clues.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I suggest that you contact Staff with your issues by filing a detailed support ticket. Here's the link.

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