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    When wi-fi “provider” moron finally let me get on-line: found more Comments today –NINE –in “Spam” file –none are spam. That’s a LOT of comment –for a site that writes essays –longish ones –on people, topics, issues past the time they were hot. –Way not the ‘cutting-edge’ blogger here.

    1. file: why are Comments going into SPAM file?
    Past several weeks: I’ve seen that people don’t write links, ad junk any more –they have website link
    in name –or under name. It’s easy to spot spammers –from Commenters who do the same
    –but Akismet can’t tell the difference?
    NOBODY lands in “Comment” file any more, why not?

    2. Referrals: past several weeks –referral sites are Really peculiar
    –they all seem like scraper sites, but the people FROM those click on serious posts, read, comment.
    So what’s up with these weird commercial referrals?

    3. Commenter: she wants me to “please make site available in RSS –enable in Opera”
    Huh??? I’m BARELY tech literate –THINK the RSS logo & link are on my wedge of WP
    –to Sign up for any Reader of choice –but I don’t KNOW, clueless how to DO what she’s asking.
    Browser: it makes a difference to getting a READER???
    Can’t one just use any browser –for any Reader wanted???
    What do I reply to her?
    –Please: speak slowly -list ALL the “little” steps you THINK everyone knows –I DON’T.
    (If it matters: I clicked on my Opera browser, downloaded a new version –but I Dunno: How
    to sign up for ANY Reader –change my site to enable her to do it….)

    4. Any clues: why suddenly so many Comments?
    After all the years I’ve been on WP why getting Comments –daily? What –I’m “hot” now???
    One of my blogs (non-WP) is FOR –READ by community stakeholders: four years old
    and Total ONE Comment.
    My most popular WP post: gets clicked daily –chosen for its Keywords –returned, usually, on
    1st page of SE results –has PageRank 4(!) –BUT it’s a list of facts, details –on VOTING!
    It’s two YEARS old! Believe it: I Ain’t “hot” lol.
    Why the change: people are changing? –Growing up? –Some tech thing changed? Other?
    WP: has changed something they do –for posting? –IF THAT’S true: How come, I just found out,
    about 70% of my posts No Longer exist in Google –cache, anywhere –completely disappeared?

    I think it’s supposed to be bad form to list one’s site url in Forum, so if it IS necessary for help: please say so
    and I will post the link.

    Thanks for any clues.

    The blog I need help with is



    I suggest that you contact Staff with your issues by filing a detailed support ticket. Here’s the link.

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