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Comments stuff?

  1. A couple of requests:
    1. Comment preview
    2. Ability for commenter to edit/delete post

    Are either of these in the works? Thanks!

  2. When I asked this question I was told it was designer dependent i.e. that the designer of a theme had to include it in the theme, so if you are sending in a feedback it may be best to note the theme you would like to see this feature added to (regulus).BTW I'm with you on this. Also I believe that a contact page like the one on the Blix theme would be a useful inclusion to round out the theme too, don't you?

  3. yes i like the fact all my comments in the forum is editable. often after i comment in someone's blog then i realise there's a grammar boo-boo that i desperately want to correct but am unable to (very very anal abt this, sadly). so if they could make all comments editable like how we could in this forum it'd be fantastic

  4. Feedback sent. I haven't looked at the Blix theme for a contact page. I'm pretty happy with it being the way it is in Regulus now.

  5. I do recommend that you check out the contact page on Blix when you have a chance. IMO it's right on.

  6. Point me to a blog using it. I'm not going to screw up my Regulus setup just to look at it (and yes that has happened in the past :(). One of the reasons we need preview...

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