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    I would like to know if this is a serious problem: I left a comment over at a regular blog I follow and the blog friend notified me that “my comments to her blog are being tagged as spam and when she reviews them a big warning comes up saying there’s a problem with my site/email and possibly someone trying to clone and pretend to be me…there have been multiple different emails being me.”
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hmmiezz… I am NOT sure if this is a “big” problem or not but I doubt it is….

    It may just be someone random, trying to “pretend” to be YOU on your friends site.. Nobody should pretend to be someone else BUT people do it all the time online. If someone in fact is, you could tell them to stop or legally go after them.

    I bet nobody has “hacked” you or anything like that BUT I suggest changing your password(s) just in case….



    Please contact Akismet Staff directly and provide all your details >



    That simpering smarmy comment you made above was not helpful. I suggest you focus your attention on creating valuable original for your empty blog instead of focusing on the forums.



    thank you again and I am heading over to Akismet right now.

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