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comments that are NOT comments but contents from my posts

  1. Dunno if you're allowed to see stuff in my dashboard, but if you can, I've published a page titled "Comments gone wild for SUPPORT to view."

    It's at:

    There are 48 comments that are NOT comments; they look like parts of content from my posts.

    I'm still relatively new here so I'm probably doing something wrong. Tell me what to NOT DO!!!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Those are trackbacks. If you create a post and then put a link to another one of your posts into that post, a trackback will be put on the post you referenced. Some people like these on their site because it is another way of getting people to click around to more of your articles, but some do not want them showing up on their posts and simply delete them.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply, thesacredpath. It's maybe a bit late (or early here on the west coast; such is the downside of my web addiction) so I'm not quite grasping the fundamentals of it all but I'll re-read it all after some sleep; I just wanted to make it easier to move around in the "chapters" of my "book" blog as someone had suggested... G'nite!

  4. Thanks, justpi, for your link as well; this is all very helpful.

    Now that the crux of the matter is all starting to focus, my next question is, why aren't these "comments" that are listed in the Notifications page showing my avatar, instead of a seemingly anonymous generic one? Since I'm the one that's referring the viewer from one post to another in the same, my very own blog? (as seen here):

    And forgive me if I'm perhaps not totally grasping it all, but it doesn't really matter if I Trash these "comments" since I've hardwired, so to speak, the rerouting links directly into my posts, yeah? (hope that made sense)

  5. I think you may benefit from reading what pingbacks are and how they are created >

  6. Yes, thanks, timethief, et al!

    I guess sometimes I need to be told things a hundred times before it all sinks in. I am now adjusting my posts per the link(s) instructs...

  7. I don't bother stopping self pings. I choose which ones I approve and I delete the others.

  8. This is all definitely a work in progress, especially learning the ins and outs of blogging.

    I guess (or I should say, I'm hoping) I'll slowly figure out what to do or not to do...

    Thanks again!

  9. You're welcome. :)

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