Comments to private posts should not appear in Recent Comments

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    Unless the Recent Comments widget can be made smart enough to display comments on private posts only to people who are allowed to read that post, the presence of those comments works against the invisibility of private posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    The Recent Comments widget display does not have a configuration we can set to exclude the display of comments approved on private posts. If you wish you can use a text widget and create your own but it will not update automatically.



    That is correct.


    You know, comments on posts set to private should NOT show up in the recent comments widget. This is WRONG for this to happen. I’ve tagged this for staff attention so they can look into it (not saying they will change it but it is worth a try).



    Hm, that shouldn’t happen. Would you please give me the URL to the blog this is happening on?

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