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    Hey, Folks. I have disabled comments and trackbacks from one of my pages (, yet one comment and multiple trackbacks continue to show.

    I have tried viewing with different browsers, emptying my cache, etc., but nothing seems to change for me; they do not go away.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!


    The blog I need help with is



    Previous comments before disabling will show on posts. To delete comments, you will need to do it manually.


    Did you turn the comments off directly in the page editor in the discussion module for that page?


    Comments are off on that page since the leave a comment box is gone. I was thinking that if you disabled comments and trackbacks on a page that all of the existing comments and trackbacks would be hidden.

    This might be something that staff will have to answer.



    Hmmmm, this is a peculiar situation indeed. Thank you for the comments.

    Any staffers out there have thoughts? :)



    I suggest using the contact form at so that they can take a look in the backend of your site and see what is going on. Search for anything on that page and then scroll to the bottom, click the “no” button and the form will appear.



    Thank you so much, @sacred – you seriously are so helpful time and time again :)



    You are welcome and when you hear from staff what the problem is, let us know. I’m curious.



    I need to manually delete all preexisting comments and trackbacks. Here’s the link to my question and the answer:


    Interesting. I think this is a change that might have happened recently unless my memory is failing me. I seem to remember that when you disabled comments in the discussion module in the page or post editor that the comments disappeared from the post or page.

    At any rate, thanks a lot for posting back here with the answer. I’ll file it away for future reference.



    Yeah, I have to say I’m a bit surprised by this….

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