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comments waiting for moderation are shown

  1. For the past few days comments that are waiting for moderation are visible on the blog site to all users BEFORE they're approved. Is this a glitch or some change from wordpress. Since I moderate quite a bit it's vital that this doesn't happen. Has anyone else had this problem and can it please be fixed asap?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have not experienced this. Please check your settings on this page > Settings > Discussion and note that I flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  3. Thanks Timethief. The settings does not feature any facility that says "show/do not show unmoderated comments". All was working perfectly before, but as I said there are now comments appearing with the message "your comment is awaiting moderation" that are visible to all.

  4. Give us a link to a thread that contains such comments. Also tell us which are waiting for approval.

  5. Hi gleneira,

    Everything looks normal - in fact, you have one pending comment awaiting moderation that isn't showing on your site.

    You do have the correct setting enabled on your Settings > Discussion page ('Before a comment appears - An administrator must always approve the comment'), so there shouldn't be any comments appearing on your site that are awaiting moderation.

    If you see any comments that are appearing without being moderated first, please let us know. (Don't moderate the comment first, just let us know so we can check it out.)

    Have a great day. :)

  6. There's still the same problem Matt re the one comment you've noted. A friend sent me the screen dump this morning from his computer - so it's showing. How do I attach it here, or could I have a direct email to someone to forward?

  7. Is it possible to upload a screenshot into your Media Library where Staff can view it?

  8. gleneira,

    The comment I was referring to was not publicly visible to anyone - it was awaiting moderation, and as such, only visible to you on your comments moderation screen.

    If there is a comment that is awaiting moderation and still visible, please take a screenshot and upload it to your media library.

  9. I've just uploaded the screen dump. As I said, this was sent to me from as an attachment from another computer. The person is a subscriber to the blog as well as running their own blogsite, so don't know if this has got anything to do with this.

  10. That screenshot is from the person that left the comment, correct?

  11. No, it's from another reader! The person who commented has nothing to do with the person who's taken the screen dump. What appears to be happening is intermittent. The comments awaiting moderation are visible to anyone who happens to access the website. There are other screen dumps if you're interested. The uploaded one is just the latest example.

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