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Comments won't submit

  1. I have tried three times to submit a comment and it won't take. I have looked through all of the FAQs and still nothing. I'm the owner of the blog and I can't even submit comments. My readers probably can't submit comments either. What do I do to fix this problem?

  2. What specifically is the URL where you have tried to submit a comment?

    Are they showing up in your Akismet queue?

    What browser are you trying this in? (I doubt that's the cause as you say others have tried as well but I'm curious)

    Are you getting some sort of error?

  3. Moved to support by the way.

  4. People go to my blog - theyr read what I wrote -- But they get a "NO PAGE FOUND" when they try to submit a comment. What Am I doing Wrong?!?

  5. What is your blog URL?

  6. I am having the exact same problem. My own blog won't take my own comments.

  7. @artmodel
    Have you checked your Akismet spam filter to see if you are getting caught?

  8. Hello,

    I haven't had any comments for two days. I always get comments. I have even posted on my main blog lists to please come and post a comment so I can see if my posts are showing. I still got nothing. This is impossible. Please help.



  9. Try commenting on your own blog and see if the comments show up.

  10. We cannot go to your blog and comment if you do not leave us the exact URL starting with http.


    Sorry :-) Here it is. Now, finally, there is one posting, but it came by way of my posting on a comment on their blog and they clicked my icon which brought them over, if that helps. My stats also tanked to zero at the same time. Which is way weird. '


  12. You have comments set for moderation, which means they won't appear till you approve them. And there is no point making a blog post with nothing but a single link to another blog and no writing or pictures, because NOBODY will comment on that. I get paid to make link posts, and only one person has ever commented.

    As explained in the other thread, once a day stats go to zero because they start over for the new day. If you check then, you get zero for your stats and have a heart attack. That's what I did, until I got used to it!

  13. I checked Akismet and it's not the problem. But I tested comments on all my posts, and some will allow me to write a comment while others will not. And the ones that don't allow me, also freeze the entire blog- cannot click any links, return to the main page, etc. I really want to respond to some readers' comments.

  14. I set up this blog yesterday:
    Myself and others have not been able to post comments as the box is greyed out and the cursor will not show up. I have been into options/discussions to allow comments but it's still the same. What do I need to alter/setup to rectify this. Thanks.

  15. That's really odd. It let my cursor go to the scroll bar but not the grey box. I assume you checked 'allow comments' in the editor; I suspect it would say 'comments are closed' if you hadn't.

    There might be some backend tinkering going on. If this persists, definitely contact support.

  16. Thanks for the reply ellaella, I'll double check but I unchecked the boxes for administrator must approve, author must sign in and author must have a previously approved post. I'll search for an allow comments selection.

  17. I see it at the top of the page, yes I had checked the box to allow comments.

  18. Docsaway you now have yourself a comment on your blog :)

  19. Docsaway -
    That theme's comment section needs a tuneup. Yes the box is grey, no problem. Problem is that while someone is hovering in the comment box they expect to see their mouse blinking or at least exist in the box prior to typing. It doesn't.

    I clicked into the box, with the assumption I was "in there" and just started typing. Sure enough my words showed up in the comment box and all was well.

  20. hi, i seem to be unanble to leave comments on any word press blogs. When I post comments from the computer at my office they appear on the site, but when I post from home they are not accepted. i can post comments to blogspot and typepad blogs but not to wordpress. help!

  21. wildlyparenthetical

    I posted earlier, but this problem seems to be occurring across the board: I had a friend write me to say he couldn't submit a comment, and that this seemed to be happening with wordpress blogs. My question is, where the hell is support?! They had holidays, which I get, but they were supposed to be back almost a week ago, and they're nowhere to be seen!

  22. When you try to post a comment to a wordpress blog what happens? Do you get an error message?

  23. Support is always closed on weekends. Unfortunately, that's when they start tweaking things and we get problems reported that we can't solve.

  24. Hi, yes, I know my comments are set on moderation. :-) But, there are 90% fewer comments than before. In fact, I am getting very few comments even still. When I was getting them fairly often, relative to the general posting I am seeing. So, there is a problem of some kind.


  25. Thanks dissfunktional I've managed to do as you say and yes you can comment without the cursor being visible, how strange. I have no idea if it's possible to alter the background colour, I'll try it in another theme. I didn't expect to have these basic problems when setting up a new blog. I'll give it one more chance then I'm off somewhere else.

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