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  1. if i leave a comment for someone, can they reply back if all they have is my user name? or do they have to be invited (therefore i'd need their email address)? they already have a wordpress account. is there a way for them to search the user name in order to read my blogs?

  2. When someone comments on your blog, you get an email that includes their email address, IP address and a link to their blog. That way you can communicate with them directly.

    Your user name is also the machine name of the URL to your site. For example:

    User name: grlzwguitr


    See? They match.

    Hope this helps,

  3. i see. thanks so much. sorry. i'm new at this if you can't tell. ha.

  4. Not a problem. I went ahead and left you a comment so you could see what a responce looks like.


  5. Is there any way to email visitors who posted coments in blog directly instead of email.


  6. Visit their blog maybe?

    Respond to their comment on your blog. Many people monitor where they leave comments.


  7. When ever i reply to a comment , my reply appears a comment.....isnt there a hierarchy of comment-reply maintained when i reply to a comment? am i missing something here ?

  8. Depends on the theme used. Some do a hierarchy. Some don't.


  9. Uh, I feel pretty dumb, but I just started my site and cannot see where people add comments. I looked in Options and the Managing area - whazzup Dr. Mike?


  10. When you make a post to your blog (using your theme as the example) just under the main title for the post it says (for example)

    March 21, 2006 at 10:35 pm | In Introductory post | No Comments

    The "No Comments" is a link. If you click that link you will go to a new page with a comment entry box.

    I left you a comment to help (I hope!)

    Hope this helps!


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