Commercial Linking and DNS/CNAME Questions

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    I’m sure this is probably better suited to asking support, but I figured I’d give it a shot and see if I could get some help during the weekend — my work schedule makes it difficult to do much of anything during support hours. I have a couple of questions here though:

    1) I’m planning on self-publishing a novel of mine, in both digital and hard-copy formats. From what I’ve read so far in my research this morning — the TOS and the Adsense etc. FAQ post, as well as a few other forum posts — I’m scared to mention anything about how to get it on my blog when I get everything set up. I’ve seen that a “discreet link” to your business is okay, in a sidebar or an about page; I was hoping to have a bit more information than just the link hidden somewhere, like pricing and format information if possible. Is this too far out of line? I don’t want to just post it and hope that it’s okay or that the powers that be don’t see it, but I do want to get as much out of it as I reasonably can. Are there any examples someone could direct me to of similar situations?

    2) I’ve purchased three domain names for my blog, and they’re registered through whatever system is used here. They’re all working perfectly fine, haven’t had any problems at all (that I know of, at least). However, I’d like to set up some subdomains for them, and the management console won’t let me — it keeps saying that the account isn’t hosted there. I’d also like, if possible, to have the subdomains point to my existing, external host — i.e. the current domain is, and it points at my blog; I’d like to have something like point at a different web site. How can I set this up?

    Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



    For your commercial content questions, asking staff would be the only true answer after describing exactly what you want to do. As far as I know, we don’t have the option to use subdomains here unless you specifically cname map a subdomain for a domain name on another registrar. That might be a good question to ask staff as well.




    I appreciate the response. I’ve been looking into it, and I think I might just go with a hosted plan somewhere — less worries about stepping on various toes that way. Of course, I probably won’t get the traffic I do here, but I think it’s a fair trade off.

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