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    A friend wants to set up a blog with news stories of a particular subject but also carry links to his store which sells related items.

    He will not be selling items from the blog, it will simply be some links pointing to his main website amonsgt the new stories he writes.

    Is this allowed?
    There is a concern about the tag surfing.. say he writes a review for a movie then puts a link at the bottom of the news story so someone can buy the movie DVD from his other website, is that allowed?

    I have checked the ToS for him but I cannot see anything much relating to this. All I can see is “Automattic may also from time to time change its policies on offering commercial content or displaying advertising, and it may do this without notice” but I dont think thats the same thing. Maybe I am missing something?



    Best bet would be to send an email to support at this domain with specifics and even a sample if possible. That’s a policy issue that should be addressed directly with staff.

    We do have movie review site blogs here at though that include affliate links. The issue is if the content is real content instead of just cut and pastes. If the blogger is doing real reviews, I don’t see the issue.

    But please note that I am not a staff member. Your best bet again would be to contact staff directly.

    Direct links to stores in the sidebar with affliate codes are a big no-no though.

    Hope this helps,



    HI drmike,

    thanks for the reply. There will be no affiliate links – if by what you mean is like referral links to amazon and places like that. Its simply a normal link to his own online store.
    For example, you can see on my blog I have a link to a videogame rental store, yet its not an affiliate, i just put the link there as I think they are a good service and the link just leads to their homepage and no account referral or anything rubbishy like that. That sort of link is okay isn’t it?

    Thanks for the advice, I shall get him to contact support directly. If they aren’t allowed, its no problem he can just set it up without product linkage and just have link to shop in the blogroll.

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