commercial wordpress lack's editor !"?

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    I bought my previous example.wordpress domain.
    But there is no editor under appereance in dashboard.

    I want to edit some php files to change the ‘reactions are closed’ text.

    It is for and i do not know the WP version, i do know this: Thema: Spectrum door Ignacio Ricci.

    Thanx in advance,
    total WP newbie from the netherlands



    Buying the custom domain upgrade gets you only exactly that: a custom domain. If you thought it got you different hosting, you were incorrect.

    You can edit that text at with the Custom Design upgrade.


    Moderator is hosted by and we can’t edit the underlying PHP or HTML. Read here for clarity on the differences between and hosting your own WordPress site on 3rd party hosting

    You may be able to hide the comments with the annual Custom Design Upgrade and you can edit and preview any custom CSS for free by following the instructions here:


    Hi u 2 above.

    Thanx for the swift reply’s !

    I understand. I have the domain, not all functions.

    Dutch forum then, a reaction came, late, but it is here now.
    A WP representative says that the basic feauture for all blogs/cms of WP is, to turn off- And not telling that-, for reactions, is on the ‘to do list’.

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