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    my dashboard is showing a warning message that says “click here” to contact us. I’ve done that twice. I’ve also used the stand support email page twice…. that’s 4 messages I’ve submitted over the last 4 days…. trying to figure out what it is that’s concerning the powers that be.
    I’m not upset, not mad… just puzzled. How does one get a response … when following instructions…. so that the situation can be resolved? I’m new here and trying to adhere to everything that’s expected, but if they don’t tell me why they put the warning on my dashboard, how do I know what to fix?

    Any help?


    You will just have to be patient and wait for their reply. By the way, have you checked your email spam filter to see if the reply got caught there?


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    Your blog doesn’t look like a wp.COM blog. We can’t have all those adverts and flashing stuff here. Or are you referring to a blog not connected to your name? Try over at wp.ORG:



    Took a lot of clicking but I think this is his blog here Would be a heck of a lot easier on volunteers in the forum to help if the user name were linked directly to the blog.



    Looks like it.

    Every single post I see ends with a direction to click a link to read the rest, which goes to the site. Staff have in the past said that blogs which exist here primarily to drive traffic to external sites will be suspended or deleted.

    You have done everything right in terms of contacting staff, but the above is just a guideline from what I’ve seen in the past. You might want to get started breaking those links, because I’m 90% sure they’re the major problem.


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    vivianpaige & raincoaster,
    Thanks for the info. I try to help with simple things in this forum, but I’m humbled by how much I don’t know.



    1tess: we learn through our mistakes. i sometimes get it wrong too when trying to help out. :)


    That would be the blog.

    You were sent this at 6:41pm yesterday.
    Thanks for contacting us. does not allow blogs that are created for the purpose of directing traffic to commercial web sites, affiliate/ptc programs or multi-level marketing campaigns. Please see the first highlighted portion of the ToS and our advertising policy here:

    It looks like your blog might fall into this category. Please take the opportunity to remove any seo, advertising, affiliate or marketing links and instead make the most of your blog:

    I strongly suggest that you do that and you do it today.
    If not, the blog will be suspended permanently.

    We have a Terms of Service and we use it.



    I’m leaving the Modlook tag so I don’t forget….



    gotcha… better understanding now.

    I have categories… some of the posts are full posts of thoughts and advice for my team members, while others are simply “intro’s” to articles I’ve written and a “read more” link to the full article — but I can change that.

    I already removed some of the links and ads on the right…

    thanks for the advice and I will comply quickly.

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