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  1. I wqould like to be able to contact bloggers, in my case poets, without having to search high and low for them. It is like searcing for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Privacy is a factor for some, but not for me. As a writer, cross- fertililization of ideas through communication and commentary is essential. I would like to be able to simplify the process without affecting the privacy factor for those who want it - to make communication easier.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just use the global tag page for Poetry then.

  3. Here is the tag for poetry:

    You can try some others as well such as poet, prose...

  4. I do, but how do I reconnect with the writer in question? The only connection is through linking with a site and commenting on that site's blogs. Would it be possible to connect without having to wait for the next blog to arrived - as well as reciprocity?

  5. If they have a contact page, or list an email address, then you can use that. The problem is that some bloggers do not want to be directly contacted so they do not use a contact page or post an email address.

  6. No, of course not. is a blogging platform, so naturally it drives all traffic to the blogs. If you make a connection via the blogs, maybe you'll be allowed by the individual bloggers to connect through other channels like Facebook, etc.

  7. I look up poetry but fail to find the poet I want, although I know he has a blog site somewhere. Only a selected few appear at a time. Where are all the others, and how do I gain access to them? Where, for instance, is Aware, Jack Brewis (jackjericho) or Mr Majestyk? These are just some of the poets I am interested in at the moment.

  8. Google them. What makes you think they have a blog on

  9. I have been in contact with all the bloggers named on this website (WordPress) and wish to resume communications. Why should I need to Google them?

  10. If you google them, you will find their websites and then you can get in contact with them. WordPress will never post or release the contact information for users here. It is a privacy thing.

  11. A simple Google search for site: Jack Brewis brought this:

    A Google search for site: Mr Majestyk poet brought this:

  12. When I want to find someone so I can yell at them, I try to find their Twitter.

  13. Thanks for all replies. You have been most helpful. I'll also try yelling at them. . . Now, can anyone tell me how to connect from a BigPond Microsoft 'Word' website to an Apple iPad. I have tried my computer Password, my Apple Password and divers obscure Passwords without success, and contacting Apple is almost an impossibility. Will Google come to the rescue again, or can anyone suggest some other solution? I know this is not a WordPress problem, but I am at my wits end! .

  14. I'm afraid we don't assist with problems. IF you mean your Windows Live Spaces site, Microsoft has killed all the sites. I doubt you'll be able to connect them at all.

    If you are in communication with the poets already, just ask them where their blogs are.

  15. Thanks 'the sacredpath' for taking the time to respond. I realise it is. as you say, 'a privacy thing', I have been in touch with WordPress and they directed me here. I also belong to Writers Netrwork, which is not so privacy conscious, although they do allow individual writers to decide to either remain anonymos or allow criticism and comments, Frankly, I think their's is the better system..

  16. You are welcome.

    The bloggers here can decide if they want direct contact. They can include an email address on their blog, or they can use the contact form feature that wordpress has provided for us to use. It is their choice if they use it or not. If they do not include contact information or a contact form, your only choice is to leave a comment on the blog. If they have commenting disabled, then you are pretty much out of luck.

  17. Yes, I have been doing that, and it does work pretty well, but I do think it could be made to work even better, and without impinging on bloggers privacy. That was the reason I began this discussion, which I guess has just about been resolved - for the moment anyway. Thanks again for your participation, and for clarifying matters so well.

    That applies all of you.


  18. To raincoaster. It was wishful thinking I guess. I hadn't realised Bill Gates could be so savage. He's supposed to be someting of a philanthropist isn't he? Shame! I suppose Apple is just as ruthless. It seems to be a cutthroat business! Thanks so much for your input, Good evening from Australia.


  19. No worries. If you think Apple is benevolent, you obviously haven't installed iTunes!

  20. also if you've commented on their blogs then you could find them in your comment section on your dashboard.

  21. I only have one comment for iTunes at this moment but it would probably get me suspended from the forums. Blah.

  22. Perhaps 'Bats' would also be approporiate.

  23. @ken7w
    Aside: There are other ways to contact poets and writers through forums and small social works. See here > Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog >

  24. Thank you. I will follow your advice.

  25. You're welcome.

  26. I have tried bring up 'All Poetry', via the mouse, for instance, but all I get is the slogan 'All Poetry'. There seem to be no steps to take or procedures to follow. Maybe it's just stupid me!

  27. Yes, that's the one I usually use, and where I have located some extremely good poetry, by writers (those mentioned) I had difficulty locating later. That's why I think a list of bloggers, in their various categories, would be an advantage, by providing ease of access. Only those unconcerned with privacy issues, and who wish to promote themselves, need be listed.

  28. Given the privacy policy, I sincerely doubt that would ever create such a list.

  29. I know, but do you think they should? If enough forum members think there should be greater latitude for the greater good, surely WordPress would at least consider the proposal. It's not set in concrete, and it's not all that radical, after all - is it?

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