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  1. My answer is NO!

  2. With all the issues surrounding people not understanding privacy issues until it is too late, I would think this is a bad idea also. Given the number of people that have been caught flat-footed in what is the largest privacy debacle in decades, facebook (granted they make privacy a war game) I seriously do not think this is a good idea.

    If I want people to be able to contact me, I'll put a contact form on my blog. That is what it is for, and it gives an extra level of protection since the people using the contact form cannot see my email address unless I choose to reply to them, and then if I wish, I can use a throw-away gmail, hotmail, or yahoo email account and if things go wrong, I just delete that account.

  3. I agree it can be a problem - particularly on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but need not necessarily be so on WordPress, if it becaomes a matter of choice. However I unreservedly accept the status quo, if that is the policy agreed to by a majority. Thank you all for your input.

  4. There are about thirty million strangers on WordPress. I don't think all of them are trustworthy. Besides, when we gave our contact details to WordPress, we did so with the understanding they wouldn't pass those on.

  5. I had no idea. Perhaps I am a bit too trusting and naive, but I can't imagine how my contact details could be used or misused any more than they are already I am on the voters' roll. I am in the telephone book. My personal details are on public and private record. My email address is known to all the spivs and spam merchants on the planet . . . but, yes, I guess one can't be too careful!

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