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  1. I'm currently an LJ member who, in light of recent events, is looking to start migrating to a new blogging site.

    However, one of my most cherished LJ features is the community blog. A blog in which you have many members, overseen by the community's owner. Members can all post to the blog but cannot delete or do any other admin abilities. Other members may comment on each post.

    Is this something that is available at WordPress? I have so far not seen or been ale to find information on this.

    Any info greatly appreciated!

  2. No there is not.

  3. :(

    Shame, really. It's a really neat feature.

  4. Here is a new article about there newest import to for LJ
    LiveJournal Migration Made Easy

  5. Oops To is sup post to read Tool</>strong>

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