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compare theme features?

  1. Hi

    Is there a guide of some sort which gives a brief overview of the features in the various themes? I am thinking this would be useful when selecting a theme.

    Thanks and Regards

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I can think of two ways to get that information.

    1- Go to Appearance > Themes > Browse. You will get a preview, description and features (tags) for each theme.

    2- Do a Google search for themes restricted to the domain Most themes are announced on the official blog:

  3. Thanks Airodyssey - the link was very useful.

    All I would say is that if anyone from WordPress is reading this - is that a some sort of comparison chart would be helpful.

    It shouldnt be that hard to produce and would be useful roadmap for people to determine which theme to use.


  4. Sorry for forgetting to include your link Panos, because it is very useful with its tables of maximum width, 404 file not found, default fonts, etc.

  5. No you did very well, because at first beaufortjazz asked for a "brief overview": my posts aren't that!

  6. Besides Panos excellent posts, there's also summaries of the newer themes in their introductions in the News blog

  7. Many thanks to everyone who has replied. I have looked at the Panos link - which is really excellent and possibly explains why WordPress would struggle with a simple comparison chart.

    Thank you again.

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