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comparing WordPress to other programs

  1. christinamacpherson

    I do not wish to downgrade Joomla, BUT - I have been spending hours and hours getting Joomla to work on other websites, and at this stage, I can't find anything that Joomla does for me - that I can't do better on WordPress.

    I am wondering if anyone else is having, or has had this experience.

    I know that Joomla can do lots more stuff that I haven't yet learned.
    But perhaps WordPress can, too?

  2. I love WordPress; I don't need Joomla! The latter is for techies and developers!

  3. If you do not need the stuff that Joomla provides out of the box - and that is a considerable amount - wordpress could work well for you. Most everything that can be done with Joomla can be done with wordpress (but certainly not here at wordpress.COM).

    I have a pretty slick local install of Joomla going on my computer and it will most likely at some point replace my wordpress blog installation. With Joomla, I like the fact that I can, if I wish, have each page of the site equipped with different sidebars and such. I like the fact that I have more options on where to place the different extensions and such. I can do that with wordpress also, but it typically means "hacking" a template and the CSS into submission and I'm not that well versed in PHP script.

    Vikasjnu is right though, Joomla has a steep learning curve and for standard, or even slightly non-standard blogs, it is overkill.

  4. Thank you Richard(thesacredpath)for some jargon free explanation. You are a techie, needless to say!

  5. @vikasjnu, you are welcome and guilty as charged on the techie label.

  6. :D :D :D :D :D

  7. WordPress is king I think!

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