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Competition with Blogger

  1. On a related topic FTC has made the ruling that pay-per-post is illegal. Whither through the creation of fake personalities, fake blogs, or paying people on the sly to shill your product, all of these techniques are at their heart, duplicitous. And its the last of those that are the target of this FTC statment.

  2. Topic is closed unless you have something intellegent to add in. Enough guys.

    If you want adverts, please head over to and find a host.


  3. drmike,
    I am still waiting for you to display evidences from your long term memory. Check my profile, it shows only 4 threads that are started by this guy called "dreamnepal." And, only two of them are related to adsense.

    So, where did I lose memory? Or is it your hyperactive
    brain- functioning?

  4. @dreamnepal
    This is a small matter whether it be 2 or 3 threads and drmike keeps track of so many threads that it's not surprising that his count was off by one. This is also the season of good will. So is there any possibility that you could be a big enough person to let this go and just be nice? I truly hope so ... please ... let it go and be of good cheer.

  5. timethief,
    Thats definitely a good gesture on your part. I would love to move with the breeze.However, he claimed I was suffering from memory loss. I corrected him, but still he wouldn't buzz. So, I certainly have the rights to ask for evidences,don't I?

    I ain't being bitchy out here but I can't stay idle and let it go when people start false accusations and stay stubborn.

  6. @dreamnepal
    The English idiom "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" is descriptive in nature and not pejorative but you wrongly stated it was name calling when it isn't. I assume that English is not your mother tongue or you would not have made this erroneous claim.

    You asked for an opinion in another thread.
    I stated mine including Matt's official statement in it which you thanked me for here in this thread, but then you insulted me for quoting it in the other thread.

    Thus far in the other of the two threads you started on the same subject i.e. "adsense" you have falsely accused me of name calling, of being rude and you have also called me a B****.

    You have no right to demand anything from any of us but demanding is what you seem to want to do. Therefore my decision is to respectfully announce that I can take no more of this. I am terminating all communication with you.

  7. Thanks. I have no motivation to further my arguments with you either.

    "...Wrongly stated..." True, when you end up at the defensive line. At least I can regret if I did something wrong rather than continue supporting stubborn attitude.

    The End.

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