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    Blog is posting personal attack on named people

    The blog I need help with is



    If you believe a blog is violating the terms of service you can report it as described here:


    I set up a wordpress site and paid a fee to have it upgraded to “.com” rather than “”. Now I can’t access it as wordpress isn’t recognising my email address when I try to log in. I’ve flagged it up as a problem but haven’t yet received a response, so a business-critical service that I’ve paid for is unusable and I stand to lose reputation and money. Has anyone else had a problem of this nature, and does anyone have any advice about claiming a refund?



    Nobody can begin to assist you until you give us the and the URLs.



    Did you create the blog using this username (whynotgoglobal)? If so, you must be logged in already as you can post here. Try using this link to reach your dashboard:

    If that doesn’t work it might be a browser issue preventing you from accessing the dashboard.

    Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and make sure you have third-party cookies enabled. Also try logging in from a different browser.

    If you created the blog with a different username, still clear your cache and cookies and try logging in again with that username.


    I created the blog using a different username and email address tailored to the content, and that is now being rejected. I’ve logged into this forum as whynotgoglobal because that’s the only user identity that wordpress is now recognising, even though they’ve accepted my payment for another site under another username .

    I appreciate your advice and I’ll try the things you’ve suggested.


    Thanks for your advice but I’ve tried what you suggested and it’s not a browser issue, and I have third party cookies enabled. I can’t access because I need a valid identity to log in and wordpress is refusing to recognise the identity I created for that site. I appreciate your help but unless there’s a customer service or complaint number I can call for WordPress it looks like I’ve been ripped off and there’s nothing I can do about it. Does anyone here have any contact details for WordPress please?



    This is the right place for support. There is no phone support and live chat support is only for business and enterprise clients. If we forum volunteers can’t help you we tag it for staff to follow up and they do, but it takes time. Keep in mind that most of the US, where is based, are still in bed at this time.

    In this case it won’t help to tag this for staff – they don’t handle account access issues on the public forum as it involves communicating personal contact information. Please try the account recovery options as described here:

    If the regular account recovery options don’t work, please fill out the Account Recovery Form providing as much information as possible. Staff will then contact you via email to resolve this issue:

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