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    It’s been a couple of months since I posted, but I was planning on posting regularly again. To my dismay, when I went to make a new post, I found WordPress had stripped out pretty much everything useful from the posting interface except the actual text box itself. Tags, for example: instead of being able to see the cloud of tags I already have and selecting the appropriate ones, then adding new tags as necessary, there’s an autocomplete box. Autocomplete boxes are only useful if you have a vague idea of what the tag you used before on a similar post might have been, and remember all the tags you have that should be used on this post. But if there were three or four options of what might have been used before, it’s worse than useless because you always pick the wrong one and then you end up having multiple tags for the same thing, so you either have to go back through and edit (extra work for the blogger) or you end up with tags that are missing 2/3 of the posts that should be associated with them (extra work for the reader). And where did the categories go? The change of the interface means more work for me when posting because I have to post and then go back in and edit the tags and categories.

    Decluttering a user interface is only a good thing if you keep the stuff people actually need to use or have a way for them to get what they need through other means that are no more labor intensive. This redesign fails at that. It would have been so simple to declutter the interface without losing tag functionality–simply keep the “click to see most used tags” button, and maybe add one for “categories”. Two extra buttons is pretty minimal, when you stripped out everything else that got stripped out.

    Thankfully, you at least kept the old interface for editing posts, and from there I figured out how to get to a place to post new posts from that interface. I have bookmarked it. Still, it took me extra time and frustration that I didn’t need.

    The blog I need help with is

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