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Complaint: Strange blog deletion policy and confusing warnings

  1. Forgive me, if I should somehow step over the line in this post, but I am extremely frustrated about and, frankly, mad at Worldpress' policy concerning username changes/blog deletion/url reuse.

    Here is what happened: I created a blog at Then, because I overlooked the "Display name publicly as:"-option which can modify the name under which posts appear in the blog, I deleted the blog again because I wanted to create it anew with a different username.
    (BTW, changing the username is no problem in Blogger, but that is not really my main point here)

    Well, you all know what happened then - there are a couple of other posts here in the forums from people who ended up with the same problem: the address is GONE.
    Not gone as in everything-that-has-been-written-on-this-blog-gone but this-URL-is-forever-unusable-GONE.

    First of all I would really love to know why I, who created this blog-"domain" should not be able to reuse it.

    In case somebody answers to this question in the way that I expect - "That's the policy and you should have read the FAQ / the verification email!" - then I can only say:
    Bulls***!! I am sorry, but the reason why I am so freaking mad is that contrary to what the FAQ states in this matter there is no unambiguous indication of what a blog deletion entails throughout the whole process!!

    Here is what the FAQ says re "I deleted my blog but now I’d like it back":
    "You cannot. When you delete a blog there are clear warnings about the consequences of doing so. It cannot be brought back."

    That is simply not true. The "Delete Blog" option gives the following warning and confirmation request:

    "Remember, once deleted your blog cannot be restored.
    I'm sure I want to permanently disable my blog, and I am aware I can never get it back."

    Now maybe I am exceedingly stupid or it is because English is not my first language, but that does not in any way indicate to me that this Blog-URL will not be reusable.

    "cannot be restored" and "can never get it back" is perfectly fine if the warning should convey that all the content will be gone. But the phrasing is lacking - no, it is extremely negligent and ambiguous if it is intended to indicate that the URL "" will be unusable from then on.

    Similarily, the warning in the verification email for the deletion process is just as bad:
    "If you delete your blog, please consider opening a new blog some time in the future! (But remember your current blog and username is gone forever.)"

    This message is doubly confusing because it is not only ambiguous but also plain false! Here we have again the "blog is gone forever" for which the same argument as above holds. But "username is gone forever"??
    I still have the same username - it's just that I had to creat a new blog, because, as I have probably made abundantly clear, I CANNOT reuse the old name...

    Sorry for the long post but for all those with enough patience to make it this far: I would really love to hear some advice on this.
    I will probably also write a complaint to support, but I thought it would be better to have some feedback on this from the forum first.

  2. "Remember, once deleted your blog cannot be restored.
    I'm sure I want to permanently disable my blog, and I am aware I can never get it back."

    "But remember your current blog and username is gone forever"

    Regardless of the policy - which will get criticised anyway - what is not clear with the above? Where is the ambiguity?

  3. I am sorry, but wee seem to be reading something totally different in these sentences.
    I thought I had made myself clear: these warnings do not in any way inicate, that the ADDRESS will not be reusable. Am I really seeing it that much differently than everybody else?
    I think not, otherwise you would not have so many people here on the forum who complain about this.

    For heavens's sake, say what want to say, e.g.: "Keep in mind that not only will the the content of you blog be deleted but this particular blog will also be inaccesible from then on"

    These warnings do NOT say this:
    "your blog cannot be restored" = the content of your blog is gone
    "i can never get it back" = the content of your blog is gone
    "But remember your current blog and username is gone forever" - as I said in my post above, at the very least confusing if not inaccurate: I lost the blog but the username (my account)remained

    I beg you, please, change the wording of these warnings so that fewer people will fall into this trap in the future. That would be in the interest of WordPress, don't you think?

    And even if you think that these warnings are enough - which I can not for the live of me understand - I still think that there should be more emphasis: bold font, color or at least a damn exclamation mark for christ's sake!

    As for myself, I will probably not use WordPress for quite a while - that's more an emotional than a rational response, I know, but I am still so annoyed and frustrated about the fact that I can't use the name that I have registered for and that I liked so much - and that only because of a rather restrictive and incomprehensible policy for which no reason is given and which is insufficiently advertised... the former I could live with, the latter is inexcusable.

  4. I will see what we can do about the wording.

    Do bear in mind though that we have a lot of deletions every day and this is not a common issue.

    And it will never be perfect - I get many many emails saying "I accidentally deleted my blog......"

  5. Whilst I understand your frustration, there's no reason to leave

    How about using or some other derivative?


  6. @cornell: You are, of course, correct. I am right now slowly - very slowly - coming down from my "frustrated-and-angry" state and have just started thinking about alternative names.

    As I said, it was an emotional (over)reaction; I had heard so many good things about WP and then the first thing that happens to me is this big, albeit partly self-inflicted, disappointment.

    Anyway, I will try to reign in my temper tantrums in the future :)
    What I would prefer, however, is that there are no further occasions like this one.

  7. I absolutely agree with you - if we could eliminate problems like this altogether I am sure that Podz would breathe a sigh of relief too!

    In the meantime, if you have any questions (even the stupid ones!) please do not hesitate to ask. We're a friendly bunch on here - most of us, like yourself, are just users but we can work around most things and Podz is a god...

    Of course, there's also the FAQ and the FAQ sticky at the top of the forum.


  8. PODZ IS A GOD?!?!?

    Oh wait. Wrong thread. :)

  9. I've been married too long.
    I know my place.
    It's closer to the other end of any spectrum :)

  10. >How about using

    hyphens are not allowed in blog names on

  11. How about

    Grab it quick - right this second it is not taken.

  12. Sigh - we have heard the same type of outbreak in tenor and tone before on the forum. My fingers are crossed that he or she will grab it and that it will be at least a month before we have someone break down or break out about names again.
    edit: IMO the policy and warnings are very clear.

  13. Is a blog that was archived the same as a blog that is deleted, i.e. it will never come back?

  14. I'm under the understanding that web logs are meant to be active creations that are frequently and constantly updated. So what does archived mean in the context of the offer of free web logs? The policy is: if you delete a free blog here - it's gone. IMO this is a strong indication the WP system is not set up to archive inactive blogs and that the ownership and management do not require staff to retain, let alone, reactivate deleted web blogs. Now I could be wrong but as far as I know there is no arrangement to store "archived" web log material. drmike is a volunteer who does not speak for the ownership or management on matters of policy interpretation or variance - he simply states what the policy is and/or directs folks to it via links. So if you want a definitive answer on "archived blogs" then the only place to get that is to send in a feedback, right?

  15. right - already did - no response far a couple of weeks.

  16. email [email redacted]
    attention: Matt Mullenweg

  17. islandinthenet

    I agree with heartofeurope. I deleted a blog intending that I would reuse the URL but was disappointed to discover that despite still have the username, islandinthenet, that I will forever not be able to use the sub domain.

  18. Actually I make it a policy to stay away from the policy statements around here. Remember Matt stepped in when I was suggesting to contact theme designers about bugs with their themes. :)

    Not that I'm complaining by the way. I'm big on giving feedback on projects if there's something that I see that's an issue. Half the time, I try to even fix the issue myself which is one of the plusses of Open Source software.

    And I believe that the deletion email states that once a blog is deleted, it is 'no more.'

  19. I've just done the same thing as heartofeurope, for the same reasons, thinking exactly what he or she did. I do feel a little silly but I don't think that the wording of the warning is clear. I thought that the warning was stating that the contents of the blog ("the blog") would be gone forever but didn't think that the warning was referring to the blog address as well.

    VERY annoying. I think that WP should reword the warning to make it clear that the blog address will also be "gone forever".

  20. The delete page says that the URL in not usable again. Twice. I hate to be a pain but how much clearer can it be?

    If you have a better method of wording the warning or some method of getting folks to actually read teh page they are visiting (which would probably be helpful here in the forums as well I've got to admit) feel free to suggest it.

  21. Try this:

    "Neither the blog name NOR the URL will be usable again if you proceed. Do you wish to proceed, knowing this?"

    As I understand it (and I'm going nowhere near the delete page, for obvious reasons) it doesn't currently say "URL" it just says "BLOG" which is where the confusion arose.

  22. Actually blog name is reusable. Look at how many 'My Blog's we have around here.

    You can look at the delete blog page. It doesn't go through until you receive the confirm email and click on the link.

    It says:

    I'm sure I want to permanently disable my blog, and I am aware I can never get it back or use again.

  23. Crystal clear.

  24. The longer the page the more will be ignored.

    I STILL have people say they deleted accidentally.

    What it comes down to in this internet-age is really simple:
    Read before you click.

  25. *chuckle* I wonder if Podz has something to say about this topic. :)

  26. I do even get this. I think that fact that you are at the delete blog page in the 1st placwe would be a big enough clue!

  27. And then they have to click on a link that they get in an email.

    The only thing I can see folks getting confused on is if they're doing it to delete all of teh posts and that page states specifically that deleting is not the method to do that either.

    Here's the rest of the page:

    If you do not want to use your blog any more, you can delete it. This CAN NOT be undone. It is permanent.

    Do not delete a blog to re-import or to remove entries. Contact Support for those issues.

    Do not delete a blog to transfer ownership - read this FAQ entry.

    Do not delete a blog to 'free the name'. That does not happen.

  28. LOL! I have not even clicked on the tab. No way i even want to be close to that!

  29. Another deletion question:

    I have two blogs, the one I want to keep and the one I want to delete. If I go to options in the one I want to do delete, delete blog does not show. It is, however, available on my main blog.

    How do I just delete one blog?

    I know in the FAQ it say that it is possible if I go to options>delete blog but should it show up under options of the blog I want to do or just my main blog? and if in the main blog how do i just delete one blog from the options menu there.

  30. has there been any compromise to restoring previously used urls for blogs?

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