Complaint: Strange blog deletion policy and confusing warnings

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    Try this:

    “Neither the blog name NOR the URL will be usable again if you proceed. Do you wish to proceed, knowing this?”

    As I understand it (and I’m going nowhere near the delete page, for obvious reasons) it doesn’t currently say “URL” it just says “BLOG” which is where the confusion arose.



    Actually blog name is reusable. Look at how many ‘My Blog’s we have around here.

    You can look at the delete blog page. It doesn’t go through until you receive the confirm email and click on the link.

    It says:

    I’m sure I want to permanently disable my blog, and I am aware I can never get it back or use again.



    Crystal clear.



    The longer the page the more will be ignored.

    I STILL have people say they deleted accidentally.

    What it comes down to in this internet-age is really simple:
    Read before you click.



    *chuckle* I wonder if Podz has something to say about this topic. :)



    I do even get this. I think that fact that you are at the delete blog page in the 1st placwe would be a big enough clue!



    And then they have to click on a link that they get in an email.

    The only thing I can see folks getting confused on is if they’re doing it to delete all of teh posts and that page states specifically that deleting is not the method to do that either.

    Here’s the rest of the page:

    If you do not want to use your blog any more, you can delete it. This CAN NOT be undone. It is permanent.

    Do not delete a blog to re-import or to remove entries. Contact Support for those issues.

    Do not delete a blog to transfer ownership – read this FAQ entry.

    Do not delete a blog to ‘free the name’. That does not happen.



    LOL! I have not even clicked on the tab. No way i even want to be close to that!



    Another deletion question:

    I have two blogs, the one I want to keep and the one I want to delete. If I go to options in the one I want to do delete, delete blog does not show. It is, however, available on my main blog.

    How do I just delete one blog?

    I know in the FAQ it say that it is possible if I go to options>delete blog but should it show up under options of the blog I want to do or just my main blog? and if in the main blog how do i just delete one blog from the options menu there.



    has there been any compromise to restoring previously used urls for blogs?



    No, there hasn’t. There’s a couple I would like to use that I just can’t.

    If you have one in mind in particular, perhaps you could put a hyphen or an underscore in the name?



    I’m wondering, too, if the privacy laws that have been enacted recently would make it a legal issue: one person could pose as another through use of an old blogname, and this would be identity theft.

    If there’s a particular word you want in your URL, what about getting the domain name upgrade and going with or That way the URL is never and this should avoid the issue entirely.



    Indeed. It’s also possible that a blog was deleted for ToS violations and re-enabling that blog might just let the original blog owner use it again with a different name and email address.



    You have to laugh…..what part of “forever” means “temporary”? My only problem with the clarity of the blog deletion is that it sends out confirmation for the wrong blog through a dashboard error, the clarity of the consequences are crystal clear. That’s why you need to confirm via email, there are warnings at every stage that it’s PERMANENT.

    I don’t know if this blog owner is used to a lifestyle of kicking up a fuss to try and rescind a decision we all have to abide by. Seriously…..what do you expect WordPress to do? Have EVERY possible combination of words in a huge novel length reply at EVERY stage just to make sure there is one combination that you understand? I get the impression that even that would pass you by, and you’d argue semantics on one phrase that wasn’t speaking the exact phrase you’d want to hear.

    There are plenty of definitive words and terms used like “forever”….does that not suggest the finality of the act? Or are you used to speaking a language unique to you alone?

    Did you not notice your username is the part before in your URL? Your username being deleted would also mean your URL. The “display name as” is how your name is seen inside, and when you post, it does nothing to your URL.

    My guess is that you didn’t bother reading what you were clicking on, made assumptions on what was happening and now that you lost it, are scrambling around in vain for some potential injustice to be applied to recover your mistake.

    I see some genuine issues here (in the forums), I have some of my own…..this particular one almost made me spill my coffee with laughter. Thank you though…I needed a good laugh.



    Do note that “The blog you were looking for,” “doesn’t exist but you can create it now!” is a very common search term now and, at least on my own WPMu install, beeing hit bad by spammers.

    Another reason why user names aren’t being reused.



    Ok no one has been in this post for a while, but maybe someone is still looking. I completely understand the policy – once you delete your blog, it is gone forever, never to be had by you or anyone else again (which is why I will never delete any blogs). What I don’t understand is WHY this is the case. Is there something about the internet that I am not aware of that makes the reuse of names impossible, or is this simply a WP policy, and if so, WHY? I am very curious as to what problems blog URL re-use has caused that have made this policy necessary. Anyone?



    Ask staff.

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