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Complete newbie here, Purchased WordPress Blog, how to change adsense

  1. I purchased a wordpress blog, I log into it and look everywhere and can't seem to find where the old persons google adsense is... I look at videos and they show different plug-ins that dont exist on mine. Regardless where is this code kept?

  2. You probably need to contact whoever you 'bought' it from since Adsense is not allowed on free-hosted sites.

  3. Thanks for responding. I am trying to figure this out. What do you mean here? I am not allowed to put adsense code on my wordpress? Everyone else uses it no? I see it everywhere. This is not a freehosted location. It is an actual name that runs wordpress as its website builder (if that makes sense) I need to know where on all the menus I can find the code to change it to mine.

  4. This is not a freehosted location. It is an actual name

    And this board is only for tech and account support on free-hosted sites.

    Contact whoever you acquired the site from or try on the boards.

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