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    So we’re looking to expand and purchase our own domain from wordpress though ideally in a years time we’d like to be completely independant and not relying on pre-set themes and wordpress customization brackets. I.E. have our own web developer and designer on board that will build us something from scratch.

    However, I’m wondering if this doesn’t have to be the case.

    01. If we purchase our own domain from wordpress and retain our current theme (Which we enjoy and are happy to keep for now) can a web developer just come in for us and re-design our whole site as they would be able to without wordpress at all. Or will using wordpress restrict that? If so that’s fine as we aren’t looking for a complete redesign any time soon, but somewhere down the line we’d like to be unique on all fronts including our design etc.

    02. I also know that you can buy premium etc. bundles off of wordpress to give yourself more customization options but it seems to me that they are literally just more themes, more colours and more fonts and some other little added bonuses. Are they worth the pennies?

    03. Is there any option to actually purchase the talents of a theme developer to build us our own one all together?

    04. I suppose another question would be; if we want to go solo and host our site without wordpress, would we be able to retain our current theme and wait until we found a developer to build us a new one/edit the current one etc. or would we have to find the developer first, have them build us a new site from scratch and then move over?

    Answers to any of the questions will be massively appreciated!



    The blog I need help with is



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