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CompleteRSS plugin can I have it on my blog?

  1. I have been accepted by BlogBurst and need to show the complete posts in feeds to have any chance of exposure. Most of my posts have the 'more' tag and I need to install the plugin 'completeRSS' for the feed to show the complete post, say the Blogburst rules. (note the big wordpress logo at the top of this page - so I assume this is
    Can I install this plugin into my blog??? From what I read on the faq I can't. Is there anyway round this, or do I need to go thru all posts and remove the 'more' tag??? (I prefer the look of my blog with the more tags installed!!!!!


  2. Sorry, I think you have posted this in the wrong place, This is WordPress.Com, I don't think you can install your own plugins here, Unless you have your own wordpress blog.

  3. As gamingsites says, we can't install plugins on blogs. One thing you might want to check is in Dashboard > Options > Reading, that Syndication Feeds is set to full text. As long as you don't use the more tag on individual posts, it should help... but it sounds like you're doing that, so you might be out of luck.

  4. Thanks or that, I thought as much. I have the reading options set to full text already. I will contact blogburst and check if that is enough,

  5. Best of luck then. Happy blogging. :)

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