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Complicated Importing Blog Post Scenario

  1. Hi

    I have a blog that I started on Blogger. I then bought a domain name - and hosting package and set Blogger up to post to that domain.

    Realising years later that I would rather use WordPress, I have been building a new site - - which I'm almost ready to launch. First I want to domain map to my own URL ( I understand how to do this.

    My problem is:

    * how do I import my existing posts files from my host server to WordPress?

    * failing that, anyone know how to import them back into Blogger, so I can add a link from my WordPress site to my 'archive' on Blogger?

    Or has anyone got a better idea? :-)

    cheers for any suggestions


  2. Import from blogger: go to "Manage" > "Import" and click on the "Blogger" hyperlink, then follow the instructions.

  3. yeah, i've tried that and it says there are zero posts to import.

    I think that maybe when you use Blogger to post to a blog on a separate hosted site with your own domain name, the posts are not stored on Blogger. Looking in my files on my hosting providers' control panel, I can see the html pages of my posts. is a correct assumption?

    Any suggestions?

  4. What about asking Blogger support how to export your contents?

  5. Thanks I think i'll have to. Was hoping WordPress would have a solution!

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