Composing font is too tiny to comfortably use.

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    /span> <span style=”font-family:arial;color:#ff00ff;font-size xxsmall

    See this? This is your idea of “help”. When I try to type into the new post block, it comes out in this miniscule font. Your help, cut and pasted from your support page, does NOT WORK.
    Why in the world is your composing font so TINY?
    I CAN”T READ IT, FOLKS. I’m OLD. My eyes don’t see that well anymore.
    Why don’t you have a button, like every other word processing program in the whole world, that you may click to change the font size?
    I cannot afford your 30 dollar upgrade to make a font larger.
    Your ‘help” such as it is, is useless to me. I tried doing the HTML stuff and it doesn’t work. Maybe I’m not doing it right, but I am NOT an IT or a programmer. I am a biologist. I never thought I’d have to dink around with something as fundamental and basic to a word processing program as font size.
    This is inexcusable. It’s wrong to force me to spend money I don’t have..
    PLEASE make it so that I can type in a font size that I can comfortably read. Please. Other blog sites have the capacity to change font sizes. Please make yours the same.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    You can enlarge what you see on your screen with your browser. With Firefox (which is all I know) it’s under the “View” tab. Hit “Zoom” and then “zoom in.”



    You can choose to use a theme with larger font like Able has. Click my username and see what it’s like.

    Like sensuouscurmudgeon says we can increase or decrease font (text) size on any site we visit



    Oh, DUH. I HAVE Firefox. It works. Thank you!

    If you change themes, though, does it go back and change all your posts from the past, or do you have to start all over again?
    By the way, TimeThief, I’ve never been to your blog but I sure in heck like your name. It’s soooo descriptive..
    Thank you both, again!


    The zoom feature works for the website, and Firefox will remember that setting the next time you visit that site — unless you zoom out to restore the original size. It only works for your computer, by the way. No one else visiting that site will be affected.

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