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Computer Generated Music

  1. Hi,
    I need your opinions about Computer Generated Music / composing music with computers...
    It works or it doesn't work? Any experience?
    Generally, what you think about...
    I'm a developer (Virtual Music Composer),...
    The comments are usually extremely positive or extremely negative.
    Even "...refuse to accept this kind of software..." but they didn't even try a demo...

  2. What do you mean?

  3. You don't understand my question / needs, point,... with regard to related subject it's OK, but I don't understand yours neither... that's the problem...

  4. I am geussing what your saying here is:
    "what is your experience and opinion on Music Generators?"

    I myself have a freeware music generator. It algorithmic. Its a lot fun when i'm bored.
    hard to learn how use, but fun to play with.
    I know how to read music and i think thats a big help.

  5. Well, Thom Yorke's songs in album 'The Eraser' are computer generated.

    My songs are computer generated, and I'm happy with it. Only I haven't found a good place to publish them online.

  6. yellowjrak, can you convert any to Mp3? perhaps an idea for your blog.

  7. I have. All I need is an mp3 host that doesn't buffer files forever.

  8. " publish them online..." or "hard-copy"/CD... this problem remains the same, all the time, even for...
    Anyway, "the right person/author at the right place at the right time" - it doesn't work without the right song.
    So, what's the point? Simply, it takes time.
    But, with the right song - that something will happen.

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