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comtent uploading then dissapearing

  1. Several times I have been uploading the same content, and it appears fine on the draft and when I publish, however I check the next day and all the posts I made have disappeared and there is no record of them.
    Is there any way of correcting this, as the content seems to go online, and other people on other computers and internet connections are able to see the posted content?
    this has happened several times with substantial amounts of work, a solution would be great.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There have been several users reporting exactly this phenomenon.

    Regardless, I'm going to tag this for staff assistance. Please be patient while waiting as it appears they have a backlog of posts to help with.

    While you are waiting, you may want to read the previous threads in case there is a solution there.

  3. Thanks!

  4. jerrysarcastic

    @ bennstanton

    You should be good to go, any the missing content restored. Let me know is you have any further issues.

  5. Cool, all is working!


  6. jerrysarcastic

    Great, glad I could help!

    Happy Blogging :)

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