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'concern about some of the content on your blog'

  1. rickbtenpercent

    I first became aware of the message 'Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.' on 26th January 19:00GMT, I have sent four messages through the linked reply form and one through support, as of this date I have received no reply and the restrictions remain on my blog. I am posting this as a topic to try and force some resolution as clearly the established route is failing.
    YES I used the linked reply form linked in that message.
    YES I have checked my spam folders for admin messages.
    I have no idea what the issue is although as I blog on human rights and abuses of power quite often, sometimes with an irreverent satirical approach that might have a bearing. Also in the week Tony Blair gives evidence and Aafia Siddiqui is on 'trial' in NY this has silenced me at an important moment. For those unaware of the English legal landscape this blog post by former ambassador Craig Murray (who resigned from the UK Government because it endorsed the use of torture) will give you an idea of the censorious climate-

    Of course this might have nothing to do with such issues, but as it is Friday and the restrictions were placed sometime on Monday/Tuesday and I have yet to receive a reply from WP it is not unreasonable to take this measure to elicit some response.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Volunteers answering questions here cannot help you in any way with this matter, only Staff can.

  3. rickbtenpercent

    I know, but what else am I to do? Four days and no response. I am also pursuing this through the 'correct' channels.

  4. Let's turn that around then. What are we Volunteers supposed to do about a TOS matter that we have no role to play in at all? All we can do from here on out is ignore the thread.

  5. rickbtenpercent

    You could show some solidarity and contact support yourself and request they respond.

  6. @tenpercent,

    Alright, calm down. I know this is frustrating; it too happened to be way back when. Timethief CANNOT (and shouldn't have to) do anything for you. Usually this message is the result of your posting something that was copyrighted by someone else, violating TOS, etc. But, I can't be too certain of what the msg. means for you. It took over a week to get my blog back, which had been suspended during this time. I patiently waited, and voila... I received an email stating everything was A-OK, granted the reasons for the msg. were resolved.

    Hope this helps in some way.

  7. "it too happened to me" (not be)

  8. Timethief is a volunteer here in the forums, just like virtually everyone else. We have no super powers. I have modlooked this thread and hopefully someone from staff will see it and respond.

  9. @imaprile

    A very nice answer. Automatic is a business, providing a free service to us. It has rules, which we agreed to. Sometimes there are mistakes, but this is not a democracy! Nor is it a situation where a massive overload of angry emails will alter the situation—even if it were to happen.

    Also volunteers are not here to provide social or psychological support: we answer technical questions and share our technical experience. This issue comes up once per week. I can understand that one might find comfort in solidarity, but the person has either done something out of compliance, or there is a mistake which will be corrected.

    Volunteers here are friendly, but …

  10. @1tess
    "Also volunteers are not here to provide social or psychological support"

    I see nothing in the op that suggests that RickB is looking for either of these things! I think he just wants an answer to an email. It is odd that it has been so long as when I email WP they always get back to me within 24 hours. I think you should all get off his back tbh.

    @ thesacredpath - nice one.

  11. @1tess, I'm with you 100%. I feel privledged to blog about on, as you said... a FREE platform. I just felt a need to defend @tt from someone insinuating she do something. Agreed, this forum is for tech questions, design, tips, and the like.

    Take care.

  12. @ imaprile - where does the op ask timethief to do something, or even insinuate she do so? Try reading!

  13. Perhaps WordPress could look at a better 'conflict resolution' system with some more clearly documented time frames for when things are to be dealt with and what blog users can do if that system fails. It would save everybody some stress.

  14. earwicga,

    where does the op ask timethief to do something, or even insinuate she do so? Try reading!

    right here...

  15. @earwicga

    In this message he says,"You could show some solidarity and contact support yourself and request they respond."
    So, I disagree. The OP does seem to be asking for some sort of support that is unlikely to be forthcoming and will be useless.
    It is just something the OP has to learn: no one person is the center of the world.

    But I agree that it is unusual that there has been not response: wp folk usually get back to me in hours, if not minutes. I have been here long enough to know the powers-that-be are usually extremely amazingly efficient.

    Truly, I meant no ill harm.

  16. @earwicga
    I can read and I see

    You could show some solidarity and contact support yourself and request they respond. this

    What I read is that an unhappy camper had the temerity to attempt to manipulate me by telling me what he thought I should do.

    The "modlook" tag was already up on the thread.

  17. Oh good lord! What a mess. I'll bow out of this gracefully. Not worth my time; only trying to help. Some people will read and interpret what they want to... Oh well.

  18. @timethief

    There is a vast difference between could and should!

  19. oy vey!!!


    Didn't mean to scare you from the forums!!

    This is something that happens so often. Usually with a lot more drama and handwringing.

  20. On this issue of solidarity how could any sane and sensible person profess or act based on solidarity when they have no bona fide role to play, jursidiction, or authority, and the facts are unknown to them?

    Exactly how much value would you place on the words and actions of the person, who allowed themselves to be ordered and bullied into making statements and taking action on matters that are none of their business?

  21. @ timethief - carry on borg!

  22. Wait just because she "could" email support but hasn't does that warrant insults?

  23. earwicga, have you demonstrated your solidarity with the OP and contacted support, or are you just insisting that Timethief alone has an obligation to do it?

  24. Let's all get back on topic shall we? Quite clearly half of this is name calling. Move your insults to off topic. Anyways...since it's Friday the next support window is Monday. Support should reply by then assuming they havn't already replied. Don't send any new messages for a few days so you don't clog support. P.S I aplogize on behalf on the other volenters it's ussally not like this. Hopefully this will not lower your thoughts of or the forums.

  25. @tenpercent, my most sincere apologies for the delay, you should find your blog in working order again now.

  26. rickbtenpercent

    Thanks Hanni, can I trouble you for an explanation, was this a glitch?

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