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Concern about the content of WordAds

  1. I don't support the consumption of alcohol, nor do any of my posts mention it in a positive light. Is there a way you could not show ads for Absolut vodka on my website in the WordAds sections? Perhaps you could target the ads better based on the content I post. I mainly talk about movies, so I think it would make more sense to gear ads toward a movie-going audience. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry for the hassle. Can you take a screenshot of the Absolut vodka ads, upload it to your Media Library, then reply to this forum thread when you've done that?


  3. Thank you. Here are the links to screenshots I just uploaded to my Media Library:

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3

  4. bryanvillarin

    Thanks for uploading those screenshots. I've notified WordAds team about your web site.

  5. Hey dejareviewer - I understand your concern. This ad campaign is just running in the US and is not every ad and it will expire. But we can switch you to another advertising partner where alcohol ads are blocked. The caveat is that this ad partner doesn't pay as well but clearly you want to opt out of any alcohol ads.

  6. That sounds good. I would definitely like to get the current ads off my site and replace them with something more appropriate. If the partner that pays more but has alcohol ads switches to something that I would approve of, maybe you can let me know and we can switch back. Let me know when the switch is made to something better in the meantime. Thank you.

  7. It can take some time to get the new advertiser partner switch-over so for now do you want to pause ads. You can do that in settings>WordAds, then click stop ads and save.

  8. It's been nearly two weeks since your last message. You do have an idea of when the ads will be changed so I can put them back up?

  9. *Do you*, I mean. :)

  10. I am still seeing the alcohol ads on other sites. I made a change to another ad partner for your site. It will be less but you shouldn't see alcohol ads. Do you want to turn WordAds back on to see?

  11. I've been doing that for the last few days and I still see the same alcohol ads.

  12. I made the change about 10 minutes ago so they should be off. Can you try again?

  13. No change.

  14. Ok. going to try one more step. Will let you know when its done.

  15. Thank you.

  16. By the way, my "thank you" doesn't mean I'm acknowledging the problem is fixed. I'm just glad you're still working on it.

  17. Something odd just happened. I went to and saw an ad for Hulu, or something like that. So I checked my WordAds and saw they were still turned off. So I turned them on and checked the website again, but the Hulu ad was replaced by the vodka ad. So I turned WordAds off again, but the Hulu ad didn't return. Do you know what is happening?

  18. I imagine what happened is that you saw our default ads running. You do not have the No Ads Upgrade So we run ads on a fairly number of pages. So makes sense that you saw an ad but that you don't see it all the time.

  19. Good to know. Have you been able to solve the problem with WordAds yet?

  20. I just checked, and the WordAds are still showing vodka ads.

  21. Thanks. I let our developer know.

  22. I'll happily take those alcohol ads off your hands.....cha-ching! ;-)

  23. thebioscopist,

    If you like. These ads don't meet my standards of decency. No price is worth personal integrity.

  24. jonburke,

    Thank you. I just checked and the vodka ads are still showing. Let me know when they try something.

  25. Maybe somebody can tell me how the heck Wordads works? I just surpassed the minimum '$100' payout.... When will it be deposited into Paypal?

  26. Still no change. I just checked. When can I expect a developer to contact me?

  27. Is someone still here to help? I definitely haven't had my problem resolved, yet. I would really appreciate your assistance.

  28. This is just to let you know that I flagged this thread for Jon Burke's attention on the 24th.

  29. I'm not sure what that means.

  30. Dejaview can you please turn ads back on. The vodka ad should be gone. Thanks.

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