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    I really appreciate the help I got from wordpess Tools. My concern is about the automatically generate posts at the end of my posts. I dont want those Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) to appear on my blog.
    I did tried by unchecking Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way (apperance>>extras>>
    Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way) . I logged out of the blog and tried to browse my post The Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) still appears.

    Now I am not aware if this is an inbuilt feature. Please Let me know how can I avoid Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    Thanks Very Much

    The blog I need help with is




    I also have the same concern. Would someone please be able to explain (in rookie-speak if at all possible) how I can delete a ‘possibly related post (automatically generated)’ from the ‘comments’ to one of my posts?
    This is the first time this has happened on my blog – see the post on Small People by Marianne Horton (category: collage or inspiring artists). The link to someone else’s blog appears on the comments page – but does not actually appear as a ‘comment’ (ie, cannot be deleted or edited or ‘replied’ to), nor did I receive notification via email the same way as I do for comments. The link is from a seemingly outdated blog (2 posts only from June 2010) and is not relevant to my post.
    I’ve tried to track down an answer in FAQ already, and found this thread on the forum.
    Many thanks for your time and patience.


    You can turn the possibly related posts off by going to appearance > extras.

    When it is active, you cannot control what links show up there.


    @athod4800 after selecting “Hide related links on this blog…” did you click save? Go back to appearance > extras and check that it is still checked. If not check it again and click the save button at the bottom of the page.



    Thanks thesacredpath,

    I did followed the same

    Below are the options what I have in extras
    These are general extras that you can enable for your entire blog.

    Option 1: Enable mShots site previews on this blog

    Option 2: Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser

    Option 3: Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way

    All the three options are unchecked and saved couple of times.

    But still I see the links from other blogs on my blog.

    I would have uploaded screenshot of my blog but there is no facility to upload the screenshot.



    That’s why: The option to HIDE the links is unchecked. You must check it, then save.

    The wording is a little confusing.


    Yeah, there is an inconsistency. They should all be so that it is opt in or opt out rather than the way it is.


    Hi…first of all I am a complete rookie as well and still finding my way around. :)

    Why are the “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” have absolutely nothing to do with the posts in question…what’s the point? I was not happy when I found one of these on my Blog and had no means of deleting it!

    Would it be an idea to give us the option to opt in but then also have the option to moderate what “Blogs” appear as “possibly related post” Surely it should be our decision if one of these blogs remains or not…

    What are your thoughts please wordpress mod?

    Kind regards



    @raincoaster – Thanks for your reply. But your answer does not seem to convince me.

    Some one who really know wordpress would tell me how to remove the possibly generated posts ?

    @bloggers if you are having the same issue with possibly generated posts . I would ask you to raise your concerns.

    I have started this post 2 weeks back. I still dont have any concrete answer.

    @mods are you hearing ? People here have a concern.


    Raincoaster gave you the answer.

    Go to appearance extras and put a checkmark before “Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way” and then click “update extras.”

    This is the same answer that we’ve given since that feature came into existence.

    Do remember that you might have to clear your browser cache and the refresh the page to see that it is gone. Some browsers hang onto cached pages with a tenacious grip.


    And if you are reluctant to believe me and raincoaster (we have nearly 8 years experience here between us) then take a look at the support document I found by typing “possibly related posts” into the support search box.



    athod4800, I charge $200 an hour for social media consulting with a specialty in Would you have more confidence in my answer if I invoiced you?



    @thesacredpath, @raincoaster: I agree Its my mistake. I got it know.
    I really appreciate your patience and help.



    No worries. I knew if you tried it you’d see that it worked. If you hang around the forums any length of time, you’ll know who knows their stuff. TSP, Timethief, Panos, auxclass, and a few others are at the top. Whatever they say, just do it.

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