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    Hello everyone…

    I’m having quite a problem; which i can’t seem to resolve.
    In my blog
    I’m having trouble with my costumed menu-pages (Blogs, Quotes, Poetry)… the other menus are working fine (About, Archives. and RSS Feed).
    I was wondering on how to fix it… when i click Blogs as an example; the pages linked to Blogs do not show up.
    I did browse around a couple of blogs which have the same DePo layout; and their menus work fine… so i was wondering what is wrong with mine…
    I hope I make sense… thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    The three that work correctly are generated by However, the three pages you have created are actually categories. If you look at your footer, you will see them.

    You may wish to read

    Depo Masthead does not yet have the option of a Custom Menu, so in order to create these categories as links in your Navbar, you will have to use the trick explained here

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