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    I am using the theme Soundcheck on my blog and I have bought the custom design upgrade.

    First of all I need to change the edges of all of the content boxes (widgets, page content boxes etc.) to be sharp edges instead of being round. There was some mentioning of that in the original CSS code but nothing seems to work.

    Then I need to change the width of the page content boxes. How can I accomplish that?

    The blog I need help with is


    Since you have no custom CSS yet, I cannot test these in your custom CSS file so I’ve added the ” !important ” attribute to all of them to make sure they override the original settings.

    This will give you square corners on everything.

    #image-preview, #tooltip, #primary-nav ul ul ul, #content .hentry, #hero .edit-link, #footer, #page-header, .default-notice, .jp-audio, .jp-type-playlist, .image-carousel-items .entry-thumbnail, .page-header, .widget, .prev, .next, .jcarousel-prev, .jcarousel-next, .jp-progress, .pagenavi, .purchase-link, .jp-audio, .post-edit-link, .widget .jp-playlist, .widget .hide-content .jp-current-artwork img, .widget .hide-content.playlist-open .jp-playlist {
    border-radius: 0 !important;

    To change the width of the columns, you will have to total the amounts you add to the sidebars (grid 3 and grid 6) and then add that to the width in the first bit of code below. Grid 3 is the two sidebars and grid 6 is the center column content.

    #branding, #main, #primary-nav, #footer-container {
    width: 960px !important;
    .grid-3, #site-info, #primary-sidebar, #secondary-sidebar {
    width: 220px !important;
    .grid-6 {
    width: 460px !important;

    What you cannot change the width of is the post image carousel at the top of the center and right columns. That is probably going to be an issue for you visually.


    Thanks for the quick response. The corners work great.


    You are welcome.


    Another question relating to the soundcheck theme.

    I have set up a static front page and moved the blog to another page.

    However none of my posts appear on this new blog page. What is the problem with that?

    I get a message saying that “You have not setup any widgets for this Home page widget column. Configure Home Widgets →” on the middle spot where the posts should appear.


    also how can I override the default buttons for the hero slider with my own buttons? is that even possible?


    anyone got any ideas?


    On the blog page, did you go to settings > reading and set that page as your “posts” page? I’m not at all familiar with the workings of Soundcheck so as far as setting it up and such I have no knowledge.

    The two arrows are from a “sprite” image (contains both left and right arrows):

    You could modify that image, but you need to make the image exactly the same site and also need to put the arrow elements in exactly the same location.

    There is a lot of CSS associated, or inherited by those, so it might take some futzing to get them restyled.


    Yeah I went to settings > reading and set the posts page to be the page named “Blog”. But for some reason every column on the page seems to be set for widgets and no posts are showing up.


    I’m afraid I’ll be of little help with that theme. You might peek through and see if there is any clue there.

    Also since it is a premium theme, check the premium theme forum for it. You can find a link on appearance > themes near the top where it shows which theme you are using. I’ve heard there are some guides on there for using the premium themes.


    Soundcheck has a specialized home page (or posts page format) that uses widgets to display content. You can add a Featured Category widget to see a list of posts in a given category like the Soundcheck demo site shows. Or if you would like to use the blog page template, then go to Settings → Reading, change the posts page selection to nothing, save changes, go to Appearance → Theme Options → General, select a blog category, save changes, go to the page you want to use to display blog posts, and change the Page Template to “Blog.”

    If you have any trouble getting posts to show up after that, post back and let us know the page you’d like to use for the blog posts and what category should be used.

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