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Conditional php include not working in ie6

  1. Hello. Would be glad if someone could help me out on the following.

    I use the a conditional php include to get certain footers for certain sites:

    <br /> <?php<br /> if (is_page('Kontakt')) {<br /> include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/footerkontakt.php');<br /> }<br /> elseif (is_front_page()) {<br /> include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/footerhome.php');<br /> }</p> <p>else{<br /> get_footer();<br /> }<br /> ?><br />

    It's working fine in all browsers except ie6. Why might that be???


  2. Sorry, you're in the wrong forums. You'll have to ask at for help with self hosted blogs.

  3. sorry. and thanks for the remark

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