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Conditional Widgets

  1. You can show/hide widgets on different parts of your blog. For instance:

    body.home li#text-1 {<br /> display:none;<br /> }

    This rule will hide the Text 1 widget on your blog's home page. Every kind of page has a body class; every widget has an ID and/or classes.

    Hat tip:

  2. i can think of some wp-hackers who'll find that interesting ;)

    very cool.

  3. so since Sandbox already displays pages as a menu, perhaps the thing to do for blogs with lots of subpages is to set
    li#pages { display:none } for everything except

  4. Or you could set Widgets in both sidebars and simply leave out the pages list.

    As a reference for users, there is a « Home link that appears on pages that are not the home: li.home-link. Also, by default the meta information (login, register, etc.) only appears on the home page, li.meta-links.

    Thanks for sharing this great idea, Andy.

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