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Confessions Game

  1. Pick 1 number and and I will confess:
    1. Full name
    2. Bf/Gf friends name
    3. Relationship status
    4. Ex I will never forget
    5. Worst fear
    6. Last phone call.
    7. Whose been the Best kisser
    8. Regrets
    9. Last person I saw
    10. Ever had a 1 night stand
    11. Last kiss
    12. Best thing in the world to me?
    13. Ex I would take back??
    14. Longest relationship
    15. First love
    16.What don't I like.

    How it works, you pick a number and the next person confesses to the question.

    e.g Blogger 1 chooses 6
    Blogger 2 confesses <dentist>

    Hope you enjoy this game :)

    I start by picking no. 5

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Flying, ever since a plane I was on turned it's engines off to drop a 1000 feet to avoid hitting another plane. I really do NOT like flying anymore to the point where I have had to be sedated.


  3. It was either my Brother or my Dad


  4. My boyfried even though he lives 18300km away from me.


  5. My husband, before we went to sleep.


  6. I don't believe in Regrets


  7. More than one.


  8. Love


  9. Suffering from PPD again.


  10. 8 years


  11. Pizza and my ex, Jake ;) Those were the good times.


  12. invisiblemikey

    I have been. All my cats are in agreement on it.


  13. I don't like horror movies, scaring myself is not something I find interesting.


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