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  1. Help please? I have activated the theme Ari, and would like to add a third column as I understand from the details that it is an available option. Additionally, I can't see the bottom of the left sidebar in my browser, and I can't see the 'About' page anywhere. I would be grateful for your help. Many thanks! Karina (thepondhopper)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Look through for ideas. I do not know why offers these configurable themes and then doesn't give instructions for configuring them the way the example is configured, but they don't. Maybe there is someone posting on that tag who can help?

  3. Thanks, Raincoaster. From the forums, it seems that this is a rather rigid theme and it doesn't lend itself well to configuration by newbies like me. Think I'll find another. Thank you for you help! Much appreciated!

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