Confirmation Step For "Mature" Button

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    Seems there are quite a few posts on the Support board about people pushing buttons without really knowing what they’re doing and marking their own sites as “Mature” inadvertently.

    Consider a confirmation dialog after the first press of the Mature button asking what they are intending to do.


    Good idea.


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    Not many make such silly mistakes. Only two I can point to right now in the last day or so. And previously: very rare.

    I’d suggest a warning. Maybe like on a ladder: “do not climb this ladder while wearing stilettos.” Or “don’t lick the monkey bars in freezing weather.”

    It is important to make it simple and effective to report real spam and real mature blogs. WordPress maintains a reliable service mostly free from the annoying storm of junk on the internet because of this reporting system.

    I’d point out that mostly spam and mature blogs are reported by other users who come across them by “chance.”

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