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    I wanted a free theme with “Home” button is preinstalled. So when people click on “Home” it can go to the recent posts.

    I created 3 pages and group them into a menu I created.

    Problem is, the 3rd page is missing if I choose to activate no menu in customize option. In other word, when I don’t change menu navigation set up, it displays, Home, page 1, page 2 but not page 3.
    If I choose to use menu that I created, it displays page 1, page2, page 3.
    I get why Home is missing there but I don’t understand why page 3 is missing when I leave it default setting.

    I also noticed that it might be a bug.
    Because while I was changing it back and forth, some times I was able to see page 3 with default setting.

    Plz help!
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is




    Have you figured this out? I can see all three pages as well as home without setting up custom menu.



    Thanks a lot for response!
    I think for some reason the 3rd one is showing on and off.
    I tried to change the order but didnt help much.
    I searched this forum to see if anyone had similar issues but nobody has raised the bar yet.
    Do you know what causes unstable page layout and/or theme setting?
    Should I just try other theme? I didnt find other cool theme with a home button. :(



    I haven’t heard a page appears on and off in the navigation. and if it happens, the issue is most likely happening locally to your browser.

    Please try clearing out your cache and cookies:



    Actually, I tried that, too.
    I’m going to wait a week or so and see if more posts affect the issue at all, although I doubt it.
    Thanks a lot for the tip!

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