Confit Theme's Is Automatically Removing Line Breaks

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    Hi there,

    I am experiencing an issue with my confit theme automatically removing line breaks (returns) when I publish my posts. It’s quite irritating as I keep adding in returns and then they go away.

    I’ve searching my settings and don’t see a way to automatically turn this off. Can you help? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    That depends. All themes will put in a line break when you come to the end of a block of text and hit Enter. What they will not do is keep those as spaces if you hit Enter, Enter, Enter. Because that’s not how the internet works.

    Use BR tags in the Text editor to make breaks like this.


    Hi there. Thanks for the response.

    I’ve tried going into the text editor and adding
    tags prior to my block of text. I’m trying to have the text appear beneath a signature but again, even if I see the break tags in the html/txt they do not result in line breaks.

    I think I’m hit a wall with this – I thought the wysiwyg editor was more friendly than this. :)

    Sample here:


    OK – I just experienced an out of body experience. It’s called success!

    I’ve always used “
    ” with my html but when I used “
    ” like you suggested it seems to have worked.

    Thanks for the tip!

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